The "It" List | Pantone Fall Color Trends

The Pantone Color Institute has published their Fall fashion forecast, and this season’s trend report is a juxtaposition that dances between chaotic and calm. The color palate is nature-centric with infused pastels and an energizing brightness that radiates optimism. This fall, choose pieces that make exaggerated statements accented with an array of neutral and natural. Here are some of our favorite jewelry pieces that mirror Pantone’s fall feature. wardrobe for more than one pair.

No. 1 Ruby & Diamond Ring

Ruby & Diamond Ring

Molten Lava (#18-1555) is a fiery red tone whose intensity burns bright. With its rich color, this 4.10-carat ruby ring perfectly displays Molten Lava’s red hot hue.

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No. 2 Columbian Emerald Necklace

Columbian Emerald Necklace

Abundant Green (#18-6026) is a verdant green of flourishing foliage. The lush green hue of a top-tier Colombian Emerald like this pendant, showcases fall greenery at its finest.

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No. 3 Pink Sapphire Ring

Pink Sapphire Ring

Strawberry Cream (#13-2005) is a light infused sweet pink. The soft shade of this 6.27-carat blush pink sapphire ring is divinely sweet yet still makes a serious fall fashion statement.

No. 4 Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelet

Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelet

Spicy Mustard (#14-0952) is strikingly exotic. The bright and lively tone of these multi-shaped fancy yellow diamonds best showcase this bold yellow color.

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No. 5 Paraiba Tourmaline Pendant

Paraiba Tourmaline Pendant

Cleansing Waterspout (#14-4618) cools and refreshes. There is no better parallel for this color than Paraiba tourmaline; this Paraiba pendant is its own version of wearable water. 

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