Jewelry Repair in Minnesota
Jewelry Repair

Fine Jewelry Repair in Minnesota

Fine jewelry is designed to last for generations so it’s only natural to encounter necessary servicing and repairs throughout the years. Our team of master goldsmiths are here to assist with all of your repair needs in our on-site jewelry repair shop. We are able to accommodate a wide variety of requests in our repair studio to bring cherished pieces back to like-new condition.

Local Jewelry Repair in Minneapolis

On-Site Jewelry Repair

From polishing and ring sizing to complete restorations, our team is capable of handling a full spectrum of jewelry repair services all under one roof. Our in-house jewelry repair center is equipped with the latest technology, equipment and tools, allowing our team of experts to handle every repair need on-site in our secured facility.

Goldsmith in Minneapolis MN

Five Expert Goldsmiths

At Wixon Jewelers, we pride ourselves on having some of the finest jewelry designers and goldsmiths in the country. In addition to years of extensive experience working with fine jewelry, all of our goldsmiths have received the highest level of training in their field. Our master goldsmiths have well over a hundred years of combined experience, ensuring that your beloved jewelry is in the most trustworthy of hands.

Personalized Evaluation

We understand the level of precision and attention to detail that is essential for repairing and restoring your most important pieces of jewelry. We thoroughly inspect each item and provide professional recommendations for the necessary services to ensure the longevity of your cherished jewelry. Whether a diamond ring, pearl earrings or a precious heirloom, you can rely on our talented goldsmiths to provide an unrivaled level of personalized service.

Our Jewelry Repair Services

Regardless of where you purchased your jewelry, we are happy to assist in returning your pieces to like-new condition. From simple to major repairs, we take all the time necessary to thoroughly service and properly care for your favorite pieces.

Repair Services Available On-Site:

Ring Resizing in Minnesota

Jewelry & Ring Sizing

Our goldsmiths can resize gold and platinum pieces to ensure a perfect fit

Crown Repair & Retipping

Retipping enforces your rings' structure, while repairing the crown ensures diamonds and gems remain in place
Jewelry Repair and polishing MN

Refinishing & Polishing

Our goldsmiths can polish your jewelry and re-plate white gold jewelry with Rhodium to make it shine like new
Custom Jewelry and Watch Engraving in Minnesota


Our jewelers have the experience, skill and equipment to add a custom touch to make your pieces special and unique
Vintage Jewelry Restoration Minneapolis

Vintage Jewelry Restoration

Vintage jewelry repair is a particular area of expertise for our goldsmiths, replacing or restoring components to preserve your precious heirlooms.
Bracelet Jewelry Repair in Minnesota

Chain & Bracelet Repair

We can repair or replace broken pieces and clasps caused by tangling, twisting or improper storage
Pearl restringing in Minnesota

Pearl Restringing

Our in-house pearl stringer expertly strings and re-strings pearls and other beaded jewelry
Jewelry Cleaning in Minneapolis Minnesota

Jewelry Cleaning & Inspection

This service is always complimentary for our clients as we strive to make your jewelry shine at all times

Meet the Wixon Goldsmiths

With over 100 years of combined experience, our expert craftsmen have honed their skills for decades to restore beauty to even the most worn pieces. Our goldsmiths are always available to consult on any repair questions and needs you may have.

Questions About Jewelry Repair?