Jewelry and Gemstone Appraisal in Minneapolis MN
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Expert Jewelry Appraisals and Services

Our world-class gem lab and appraisal services are designed to provide a professional and comprehensive view of your jewelry collection. Utilizing industry-leading technology and equipment, our highly experienced gemologists are able to evaluate, appraise and educate you about your treasured jewelry pieces.

Gem Lab in Minneapolis MN

On-Site Gem Laboratory

The ability to operate a full gem lab is a great benefit to our clients. All of our services are completed in-house, enabling clients to have diamonds, gems and jewelry evaluated without the items leaving our safe and secure facility. Our gem lab is accredited by the American Gem Society and fully equipped with industry-leading technology and equipment. Our experienced team has all of the tools required to properly evaluate, appraise and educate you about your treasured jewelry pieces.

Jewelry Appraisal in Minneapolis

Expert Jewelry Appraisals

Written insurance appraisals provide peace of mind for our clients in knowing they will be properly compensated in the unfortunate event of loss or theft of their beloved possessions. Our Graduate Gemologists and Certified Gemologist Appraisers can professionally asses a variety of items including new purchases or inherited family heirlooms and provide you with a comprehensive appraisal document. Their ability to grade and identify a wide variety of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry gives our clients confidence in knowing that their possessions are being evaluated by a team of leading gemological experts.

Our Gem Lab & Appraisal Services

We are proud to offer a full suite of services to our clients through our in-house gem lab. Our specialists are highly trained in the areas of antique and estate jewelry, buying and evaluations, insurance replacements and custom appraisal services.

Jewelry Services Available On-Site:

Jewelry Insurance Appraisals in Minneapolis MN

Insurance appraisals

An appraisal is a formal document outlining a detailed description and replacement value for your item. This is typically performed for insurance purposes, but is also used to verify an item's true market value.
Estate Evaluation Bloomington MN

Estate Evaluation

Our gemologist appraisers and estate buyers collaborate to evaluate inherited or estate jewelry and help distinguish fine jewelry from fashion jewelry. Our team can also help establish fair market or cash values of the items.
Gemstone and Metal Identification in Minneapolis

Metal and Gemstone Identification

Our team can identify, classify and grade loose or mounted gemstones for personal and appraisal purposes. We also have the ability to test the metal content and gram weight of your jewelry.
Diamond Cut Grade Analysis Minneapolis MN

Diamond Cut Grade Analysis

We have the ability to take loose diamonds and analyze the cut quality and proportion grade the diamond. This report is like a birth certificate of the diamond that clearly outlines the specifications of the stone.
Certified Diamond Grading in Minneapolis Minnesota

Diamond Grading

All diamonds are graded using GIA standards, which is the most respected and stringent method of grading in the world. If the diamond is already set, the characteristics will be determined based on the gemologist’s personal evaluation.

Meet the Wixon Gemologists

Our experts earned the distinction as Graduate Gemologists from GIA and several have attained an additional certification through the AGS as Certified Gemologist Appraisers. You can rest assured your possessions are in the hands of highly trained specialists.

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