Vintage Jewelry in Minneapolis
Vintage & Antique Jewelry

True Beauty Transcends Time

Our vintage jewelry collection is an enduring selection of timeless beauty and lasting elegance, with each piece bringing forth a beloved appeal from decades past. This collection includes original Art Deco, Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian, Art Nouveau, Retro and Mid-Century pieces which are hand selected for their beauty, craftsmanship and style. Our team is passionate about finding unique, antique jewelry that is spectacular in both style and craftsmanship. We’re here to help you find a piece that will continue to be passed on for generations and allow you to create new stories of your own.

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​​The selection showcased on our website only represents a small preview of our extensive jewelry and timepiece collections. Visit our showroom to experience personalized service and an unmatched offering of pieces designed to turn your celebrations into lifelong memories.

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The Wixon Experience

Built on the belief that our clients come first, Wixon Jewelers is dedicated to creating an all-encompassing experience for each and every client. We offer an unwavering commitment to the exceptional in all aspects, and our team of experts guarantees your visit is nothing less than unforgettable.

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