Custom Jewelry Design in Minnesota
Custom Jewelry Design

The Twin Cities' Finest Custom Jewelry

We relish in bringing your one-of-a-kind visions to life through hand-crafted, custom jewelry design. Our expert team works closely with you from concept to completion to create the most intricate designs your imagination can gather. We ensure your involvement through every step of the process to make the final result something you’ve truly helped craft. The jewelry possibilities are as expansive as your imagination.

Limitless Possibilities

Our five in-house goldsmiths ensure superior quality and craftsmanship on every custom designed piece. We have zero machine limitations and are capable of creating both completely original concepts and of restyling your bygone pieces into a newfound beauty. Wixon is the only jeweler who can truly bring your ideas to life with a one-of-a-kind elegance.

Our Custom Design Process

The ability of our goldsmiths to craft the most complicated and intricate custom jewelry designs from a single sketch is sure to charm and impress even a beginning jewelry collector. With decades of combined experience, they will help your dream vision come to life. You are involved with our team in each step in the process, allowing you to discuss changes and ideas so that we ensure your dream piece of jewelry is perfect!

Custom Jewelry Design in Minnesota

Step 1: Design Consultation

Our custom jewelry design process begins with an initial consultation between you and one of our designers where we assist in putting your ideas and inspirations to paper. The ideas and plans set in this consultation will soon be directly translated into your dream piece of jewelry.

Custom Jewelry in Minneapolis

Step 2: Designer's Sketch

One of our designers sits down and sketches original designs based on your ideas from the initial consultation. You will be on-hand during the process to review the designs and make adjustments as you wish.

Custom jewelry creation- wax molding

Step 3: Wax Mold Creation

Our skilled jewelers will hand carve a wax model, creating the prototype for your jewelry. The model is used to create a mold of your dream design. Diamonds and gems will be set into the mold to give the wearer a beautiful wax replica of the soon-to-be finished piece.

Custom Jewelry Design in Minnesota

Step 4: Hand Casting & Finishing

One of our highly-trained goldsmiths will cast the piece and spend days hand-setting the gems and perfecting the finish. Each piece to them is a labor of love, and the time and care given to our custom-process is reflected in every finished piece.

Restyling old jewelry in Minnesota

Restyling Your Heirlooms

Our team also specializes in restyling your old, rarely worn jewelry and using it to create an entirely new piece. The value of selling your jewelry doesn’t compare to the value of revitalizing it into a piece you’ll be able to continue enjoying for generations to come. Take a piece you’ve had hidden in storage and turn it into a piece you will be proud to share with the world.

Meet the Wixon Goldsmiths

Our expert goldsmiths are devoted to engaging new ideas and handcrafting pieces not seen elsewhere in the world. We have decades of experience in jewelry design and continue to embrace the imaginations of our clientele.

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