Pre-Owned Swiss Watches in Minneapolis

Sell or Trade-In Your Watch

As the premier Swiss watch dealer in the Midwest, we invite our clients to sell or exchange their watches for one of our coveted timepieces. Our team of in-house experts has delivered fair and transparent value for more than 20 years and continues to provide this unparalleled service to our clients. If you have interest in trading or selling a watch from your collection, please consider the below criteria.

Watch Evaluation and Appraisal in Minneapolis

Get the Best Valuation

Benefit from our experts who know luxury watches inside and out. We can tell you the real value of your watch and we’ll give you the best price possible. Our watch buyers are constantly on the hunt for the world’s most popular and enticing watches… your timepiece may be just what we’ve been looking for!

Buying Used Watches in Minneapolis

What We're Interested In

Swiss Watches

We purchase most popular brands of Swiss timepieces, including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Tudor, Omega and more.

Vintage Timepieces

We continually seek to expand our collection of vintage timepieces from a broad range of Swiss manufacturers.

Antique Pocketwatches

If you own a storied antique timepiece from years past, we would be happy to review it for our vintage collection.

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