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August 2021 "It" List

It seems as if this summer heat is permeating everything lately. With temps on the rise, it’s only fitting to accessorize with gemstones that burn just as brightly! Scarlet rubies, fiery orange opals and golden yellow sapphires radiate light, color and confidence from every angle. While the last few weeks of summer are slipping away, these gemstones are a wearable guarantee that the sizzle of the season will stay for months to come as we segue into fall.  

Cabochon Fire Opal Ring

From crimson and clementine to rolling flashes of chartreuse, this 5.39ct fire opal displays some of the most interesting and complex colors! Orange sapphires and white diamonds create a double halo to frame the center gem as a prized piece of art.

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Yellow Sapphire Earrings

The glorious goldenrod hue of these 4.68ct yellow sapphire earrings is a close competitor in shade to yellow diamonds. The framework of delicate white diamonds set off the center gem’s sparkle and light in the most captivating way.

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Ruby Earrings

When it comes to incorporating a wearable drop and pop of color, it’s all about the earring length. These simple 2.50ct ravishing red ruby drop earrings are versatile in style, making them suitable for all occasions.

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"While the icy coolness of diamonds is always alluring, this month’s gems are hot and passionate. Let’s all turn up the heat for at least a few more weeks."

Jessica Gylsen – Diamond Department Manager

Three-Stone Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

There is a certain refinement to yellow diamonds that is impossible to resist, and a delicacy to the shade that’s found in no other gem. This 4.04ct oval-shaped fancy yellow diamond is sure to be loved for generations.

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Fire Opal Earrings

These 4.15ct fire opal earrings are a show-stealing shade of vibrant orange. The rolling baguette and diamond cluster that they are suspended from is a stunning way to enhance such a special gem.

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