January 2022

The "It" List


While January can be a tough month for us here in the bold North, there are still plenty of reason to get excited about the energy this month brings.  It’s an opportunity to revamp many things in our lives, including our jewelry wardrobe. No jewelry collection is complete without a colored gemstone, and one of the hottest hues this year is Very Peri, Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year. Very Peri encompasses the best qualities of blue with a softer violet-red undertone. This shade displays a daring curiosity and a carefree confidence that opens us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives. Very Peri symbolizes a landscape of unlimited possibilities for not only January, but for the remainder of the year to come. 

Number 1—Spinel Ring

Lavender Spinel & Diamond Ring

With its unrivaled beauty, this 8.51-carat oval lavender spinel captures the essence of Very Peri in every way! While the 2.50 carats of accent diamonds are stunning in its own right, the sparkle and brilliance of the center gem is the real show-stopper!

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Number 2—Spinel Earrings

Lavender Spinel Earrings

The intriguing thing about these spinel drop earrings is the swing in color hue displayed by the gorgeous 4.72 carats of spinel gemstones. Simply rock and tilt the gems, and the cool periwinkle blue hue will transform into a soft warm blush pink shade.

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Number 3—Spinel Ring

Purple Spinel & Alexandrite Ring

Rich and smokey, this 9.29-carat purple spinel is intoxicatingly original gemstone. The ring design is also one-of-a-kind, showcasing an inner halo of color-changing alexandrites that highlight and accent the uniqueness of the incomparable center gemstone. 

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"Colored gemstones are wearable personality. They are an instant uplift, a visual mood and attitude, and a fantastic way to elevate even the most basic fashion moment!"

Jessica Gylsen – Diamond Department Manager

Number 4—Spinel Earrings

Lavender Spinel Earrings

Spinel, by nature, is utterly beguiling. It’s a gemstone that displays an amazing array of hues in nearly every color of the rainbow. With 6.53 carats of lavender spinel, these earrings showcase Very Peri’s soft femininity with their blush pink undertone.

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Number 5—Spinel Ring

Purple Spinel Ring

Monet’s finest paintings are watercolor wizardry. Designed as the finest form of wearable art, this 4.15-carat spinel ring is accented with a halo of variegated shades of spinel. A ring this intentional in design is sure to be admired and loved for a lifetime.  

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Spinel: The Collectors Gem

Spinel: The Collector’s Gem

The beauty of a gem moves us all differently, but it’s known in the gem world that there is no stone more exhilarating then spinel. A collector’s gem that comes in a dazzling array of colors, spinel is guaranteed to ignite inspiration and create an emotional connection.

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