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Wixon Custom Rings: Past Creations

Purple Sapphire Ring

This color gemstone ring was hand crafted by Wixon Jewelers’ jewelry designers. The ring is set in platinum and features a cushion cut 4.22-carat deep purple sapphire surrounded by a halo of round diamonds.

Pigeon Blood Ruby & Diamond Ring

This ring features an extremely rare certified ruby with two brilliant diamond set on each side. This rare ruby is from the famous Mogok mine in Burma (Myanmar). It is a deep rich red called “pigeon blood” which is the most desirable color in rubies. The color of a Burmese ruby such as this is regarded as exceptionally vivid and a true pigeon’s-blood red is extremely rare. The ruby is a 3.03-carat cushion cut stone flanked by two half-carat round diamonds set in a classic design of platinum and 18 karat yellow gold.

Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline Ring

This custom Paraiba and diamond ring is one of the most unique and dazzling gemstones pieces in the store. The color of this 8.05 carat Brazilian Paraiba says it all; it’s bright, bold and beguiling. If you are looking for something exotic, you can’t go wrong with this beauty!

Tanzanite Gemstone Ring

This 5.23 carat royal purplish blue Tanzanite is accented with over 1.54 carats of bright and brilliant pave set diamonds. The gem itself is the perfect cool contrast to the fiery scintillation of the diamonds, all set in 18 karat white gold.

Thai Ruby Ring

Another Wixon Custom masterpiece, this Ruby ring has an incredible color and is absolutely captivating! The star of this ring is a vibrant 3.50 cushion cut Thai Ruby with a sweet cherry red color. The Ruby is flanked by nearly a half-carat of tapered baguettes and completed in platinum… a perfect ring for all occasions.

Ceylon Blue Sapphire Ring

Ceylon Sapphires are amongst the most sought after gemstones on Earth and the gem in this Wixon Custom ring is particularly impressive. This sapphire is exponentially more rare because it is a natural, unheated 8.43 carat Ceylon Sapphire certified by GRS. The stunning blue stone is accented by 1.25 carats of tapered baguette diamonds to add even more brilliance. Hand crafted at Wixon Jewelers entirely out of Platinum, this ring will flatter any finger!

Mint Tourmaline Ring

This Wixon Custom creation features a cool 4.42 carat Mint Tourmaline set at an angle in the center. Surrounding it is a halo of diamonds, making it contemporary and chic. Crafted in-house by one of our master jewelers, the ring is finished with filigree in the gallery. The bright and happy color of this gemstone is perfect for adding a pop of color to your wardrobe.

Blue Zircon 3-Stone Ring

From our Wixon Custom collection, this 3-stone ring showcases a 10.13-carat Blue Zircon with 0.70 carats of diamonds on the sides. The vivid blue color of this natural gem from Cambodia is among the world’s most brilliant gemstones, which complements nicely with the perfectly matched pair of trapezoids. Simple and elegant, this platinum ring will captivate anyone who witnesses it.

Lightning Ridge Black Opal Ring

An intricate web of diamonds holds a striking 5.87 carat Lightning Ridge Black Opal set in 18 karat white gold. The more you move this gem, the more it springs to life displaying multiple shades of the rainbow!

Wixon Custom Necklaces: Past Creations

Tanzanite Collar Necklace

One of our most incredible creations to date, this Wixon Custom collar necklace is beyond exceptional in both quality and design. Crafted entirely in platinum, this piece features 15 perfectly matched cushion shaped Tanzanites equaling 137.64 carat total weight.

Even more rare is the fact that all 15 Tanzanites are from the same host gem, making them strikingly identical in their rich and royal purplish-blue color. Our goldsmith spent months working exclusively on this piece. The attention to detail is easy to see in the intricacies of the design and the flawless execution in setting 642 diamonds. This necklace is for those who truly appreciate beauty beyond measure!

Read about the process to craft this incredible necklace Here.

Paraiba Tourmaline Pendant

The cool tropical blue of this 2.16-carat Paraiba Tourmaline from Mozambique is simply spectacular! A diamond encrusted ribbon of platinum cradles the Paraiba in a beautifully feminine design. Sunny yellow accents finish off this custom pendant with a scroll of yellow gold and vivid yellow diamonds set into the gallery.

Paraiba Tourmaline Necklace

This pendant is a Wixon Custom piece, displaying a fresh and funky feel with its bold lines, pave diamonds, and beautiful trillion-shaped tourmaline. The vivid hue of this 3.80ct Paraiba Tourmaline is considered by experts the rarest gemstone color… the perfect gem for your rare beauty, and something that will only become more difficult to acquire in the years to come.

Black Opal Pendant

This Black Opal pendant was custom designed and crafted by our in-house jewelry designers, allowing it to carry the coveted Wixon Custom name. An amazing 4.10 carat Australian Black Opal is set in 18k gold just below a .90-carat cushion cut natural yellow diamond. The stunning blue and vibrant green hues that fill the Opal are accented brilliantly by the sparkling yellow diamond.

Blue-Green Tourmaline Pendant

This custom Art Deco inspired pendant is beyond exceptional in style! It features a stunning 9.40 carat bi-colored green and blue Tourmaline, which is truly a marvel of nature. The color transition between the two is effortless and gorgeous, with a .69 carat green Tourmaline set above to add to the play of color.

Black Opal & Diamond Necklace

Wixon Jewelers designed and created this beautiful gemstone necklace in-house, making it a Wixon Custom. The necklace features a 2.99-carat Black Opal set in platinum. The stone is suspended from 1.39-carats of marquise and pear shaped diamonds in a unique flower burst design.

Spinel Gemstone Pendant

Wixon Jewelers created this gemstone pendant with a beautifully cut round 3.62-carat Spinel gemstone which is the focal point of this piece. The Spinel gemstone is set in 14k rose gold, below a .21-carat round brilliant cut diamond. It is styled uniquely with a bark finish look, adding character to this fun pendant.

Paraiba Tourmaline Pendant

A 2.83 carat Paraiba pendant such as this is a rare find! The bright neon bluish green hue of this particular gem is sure to captivate even the most committed diamond lover. Custom made in platinum, this pendant also features a .65-carat pear shape diamond highlighted with .74-carats of additional diamond detail.

Black Opal Pendant

An exceptional 11.53 carat black Opal with as intense of a color pattern as this is a rare sight to behold! The Opal showcases its contrasting red, green, blue and orange flashes in an intense block pattern which adds to the value of the piece. The yellow and white gold combination, as well as the variety of colors on display, makes this pendant a perfect match for almost anything and everything!

Emerald Cut Tanzanite Pendant

This wonderful gemstone pendant features a 5.89-carat emerald cut Tanzanite that dangles below a half-carat pear shaped diamond. The timelessly classic design is crafted in 14k white gold.

Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant

Custom designed and crafted by our in-house jewelry designers, this custom gemstone pendant will make your mouth water. The star of this piece is a 12.22-carat emerald cut bi-color Watermelon Tourmaline. An amazing mix of colors in the gemstone make this pendant come to life! The Tourmaline is surrounded by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds and set into a white gold frame with rose gold filigree accents on the sides. The pendant is suspended from a 1.06-carat Pink Tourmaline and 14k rose gold chain.

Spessartite Garnet Pendant

This gemstone pendant was custom created by Barry, one of Wixon Jewelers’ in house jewelry designers. It features a large and beautiful pear shaped Spessartite Garnet surrounded in diamonds bead set into a figure-eight curved design.

Kunzite Gemstone Pendant

This gemstone pendant is a beautiful Wixon Custom creation that was designed and crafted in-house at Wixon Jewelers. The pendant stars a 36.48-carat pear shaped Kunzite gemstone set in a spunky 14k rose gold design. This wonderful design also incorporates.77-carat of pear shaped, marquise and brilliant cut diamonds.

Cabochon Tanzanite Platinum Pendant

A treasured example from the Wixon Custom collection, this stunning Tanzanite pendant is a show stopper. At the heart of this beauty is a 40.46 carat cabochon-cut Tanzanite, which sets this pendant off. The cabochon cut is nearly facetless, which allows the pure rich blue color of the gem to shine through unfiltered.

It took an incredibly skilled gem cutter to extract the maximum beauty and color of this Tanzanite, especially in its prized pure rich blue hue. The gemstone was given to one of our in-house designers to design the perfect pendant that would showcase the true beauty and uniqueness of the gem.

To emphasise its unrivaled beauty, the platinum pendant’s shape mimics the curves of the gem and accents it with almost two carats worth of diamonds. The side profile features delicate, hand-crafted filigree and diamond detail—a wonderful blend of classic with just a touch of contemporary. A Tanzanite such as this is truly a marvel of nature, and with its limited availability is not one to miss!

Wixon Custom Earrings: Past Creations

Custom Boulder Opal Earrings

Truly one-of-a-kind, these Wixon Custom Boulder Opal drop earrings are a showstopper. The rich royal blue of Tanzanite paired with Tsavorite Garnet’s bright emerald green are the perfect complement to the kaleidoscope of colors that these 12-carat Boulder Opals display. Without a doubt, the most spectacular pair of Opal earrings we have ever seen!

Custom Tanzanite Earrings

This innovative pair of Wixon Custom earrings feature a waterfall of over three carats of diamonds escalating to nearly 25 carats of cushion cut tanzanites. These statement earrings have the perfect amount of brilliance to sparkle from every angle, and will add flare to any jewelry repertoire.

Fancy Cut Aquamarine & Diamond Earrings

The prismatic faceting of these combined 9.38-carat kite shaped aquamarines is showcased within intricate basket settings to highlight the charisma of these crystal clear blue gemstones. Descending from a cluster of of both marquise and round brilliant cut diamonds, these dangle earrings provide just enough movement to attract the light in an elegant and sophisticated manner.

Emerald & Diamond Earrings

These drop earrings were designed and created by Wixon Jewelers to feature a great mix of both Emeralds and diamonds! At the center of these earrings are 1.65-carats of cabochon Emeralds surrounded by a halo of round diamonds set in 18k white gold. Over a carat of round diamonds extend from the halo up through the post with a total of 54 round brilliant diamonds!

Lagoon Tourmaline Earrings

These Wixon Custom Tourmaline earrings are 9.52 carats of show stopping beauty. With 1.44 carats of pear-shaped diamond accents set above the Tourmalines and the 1.51 carats of round diamonds below, these earrings are literally dripping in diamonds. When timeless glamour and classic elegance combine, these earrings are the result.

Moonstone Earrings

These earrings are the epitome of understated elegance. With a beautiful trail of diamonds leading to two pear-shaped Moonstones and set in 14k white gold, they are sure to illuminate any room. Versatile enough to wear with any color, these earrings are a perfect touch of everyday glamour.

Black Opal Dangle Earrings

These black Opals were acquired loose by our owners, then designed and crafted here at Wixon Jewelers. To have two matched black Opals of this quality showcasing such strong and bright color and pattern is beyond rare to say the least! The movement of the accenting diamonds truly brings the Opals to life for all to see and admire!

Lagoon Tourmaline Dangle Earrings

The electric neon hue of these matching 7.60 carat lagoon Tourmaline earrings is sure to light up any dark room. Their color is incomparable to any other colored gemstone out there! The earrings are a Wixon original, with a fun and flirty design made to be worn for dress or casual.

Peridot Gemstone Earrings

These beautiful gemstone earrings are truly one of a kind. The unique shape and cut of these Burmese Peridot gems offer a spectacular green sparkling in the light. The tops of the earrings have just under a half-carat total of pave set round brilliant cut diamonds. The earring is fitted with a 14k white gold post and friction back and were designed and made right here at Wixon Jewelers.

Mandarin Garnet Earring Jackets

Earring jackets are a great way to dress up your everyday diamond studs! These jackets feature 3.82 carats of Mandarin Garnet gemstones set below a third-carat of diamonds, and are designed to fit with any size diamond studs. With a zesty orange hue, these jackets are a fun way to instantly add some color to your outfit.

True Blue

The weight of the world rests on a single gem. Sapphire. According to legend, ancient Persians believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire, and its reflection is what caused the sky to be blue. Prized since 800 B.C., the ‘Gem of the Heavens’ has acted as an amulet to emperors, stirred the souls of Buddhist monks and represented a symbol of truth for saints. Kings and queens have used this gem for centuries to attract divine favor and defend themselves from harm. Its place in history is as varied as the shades sapphires are found in. Sapphires most loved hue is a royal blue that is not only magnificent, but majestic. It’s no surprise that the king of gems is considered to be the ultimate must-have for many color connoisseurs.

There is no gem that rivals the majestic blue sapphire. Blue is cool, refreshing and sublimely serene. It reflects the sky above and the sea below. Cobalt, cornflower, navy and indigo are only the tip of the awesome array of colors sapphire has to offer. Found in all colors of the rainbow but red, this transformative gem is lovely in every hue. However, it is the gorgeous and glorious blue sapphire that is considered to be the most treasured of all gems.

What separates the ordinary from the extraordinary? Quite simply, the color. The color of a sapphire is the most important factor in determining its value. A true top-quality blue sapphire is the standard which all other blue gems is judged against. Certain locations are known for producing premium color, and as a result command top dollar for their unrivaled beauty.

The finest blue sapphires in the world are found in remote locations such as Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and Mozambique. There are many additional locations where sapphire is found in abundance, but the rarest blue sapphires are challenging to mine, difficult to acquire and extremely limited in availability.

Royal or vivid blue is the most highly sought-after hue for a sapphire. The gem should also be not too light, and not too dark in appearance. The final outcome of the gem lies in the hands of the cutter. Sapphires don’t have an abundance of inclusions like some gemstones, but they do have features such as color zoning that creates challenges for cutters. Color zoning is where the gem displays uneven color in certain areas. The consistency of the color is a key characteristic to the most valuable sapphires, and a premium polished gem is a true testament to the marvels of nature perfected by the skills of modern man. From a midnight sky to the first hint of blue after a morning sunrise, the ‘gem of the heavens’ is ultimately incomparable.

blue sapphire white gold diamond halo earrings
double halo sapphire ring
sapphire and diamond platinum cluster earrings


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JESSICA from Wixon Jewelers

Jessica is our resident fashionista-in-chief and more formally our Diamond Department Manager. Helping guide our clients through life’s big milestones by helping them find the perfect piece of jewelry to last a lifetime is what she loves best! She is a Graduate Gemologist who has been infatuated with jewelry since she was a little girl, spending countless hours at her grandmother’s jewelry store. Have questions? Just Ask Jessica!

Kentucky Derby Fashion Essentials

The Kentucky Derby is a chance for men and women to dress their personal best and set their inner Southern style free. Big bold hats that are beautifully ornate are only the start of recommended style suggestions for the highly-anticipated annual event. There are no set rules as to what constitutes appropriate ‘Derby duds’, but a good guideline to follow is keep the outfit simple and let the accessories speak. The crowning glory of any Southern belle’s ensemble? A standout headpiece.

The Kentucky Derby began in 1875, and it was originally modeled after European-style racing events. An event not to be missed, both American and British women alike wanted to wear their finest to the races — and in those days, that definitely included a hat. The tradition has remained, and at today’s races the show of hats is almost as impressive as the show of horses.

A showstopper of a hat deserves to be highlighted by showstopping jewels! A gorgeous headpiece acts as the framework to highlight a stunning pair of diamond or gemstone earrings. The perfect Derby earring should work in harmony with the headpiece, and will remain fashionable and fabulous long after the Derby’s last moments. Our Derby inspired earrings feature fierce chandeliers, yellow diamond drops and classic clusters.

Yellow Radiant Diamond Earrings

Large diamonds are always hard to miss! A master craftsman’s labor of love is overflowing in these dangling diamond earrings that feature two large radiant cut fancy light yellow diamonds totaling 16.54 carats. To complete the striking design, 300 iridescent round diamonds are set in platinum to mirror the sunrise glow of the stunning yellow diamonds.

White Pear Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are fragments of nature’s wealth, and when complimented with the skill of a jeweler, the end result is exceptionally designed pieces we adore. These beauties are highlighted by two pear-shaped diamonds at 10.34 carats wrapped in a halo of diamonds. The pear-shaped drops are suspended from two round diamonds that are lined with a cushion-shaped diamond halo. This remarkable pair of earrings has a total carat weight of almost 12 carats!

Yellow Radiant Baguette Diamond Earrings

Classy and elegant, these gorgeous earrings showcase two radiant cut fancy yellow diamonds weighing 7.70 carats. The platinum and 18k yellow gold settings are adorned with tapered baguette diamonds and colorless round diamonds to complete the look of this exquisite pair of earrings.

Sapphire Cluster Earrings

These blue sapphire and diamond earrings are sure to make a statement with any ensemble! Finished in platinum, a cluster of iridescent pear-shaped diamonds are coupled with striking pear-shaped blue sapphires to create a unique look with a lot of brilliance.

Yellow Pear Diamond Drop Earrings

Highlighted by a pair of pear-shaped fancy light yellow diamonds totaling over five carats, these double drop earrings are sunny and sensational! The yellow diamonds delightfully dangle from two colorless pear-shaped diamonds to create a stunning pair of drop earrings. Completed in platinum and 18k yellow gold, 130 colorless round diamonds add a fabulous, sparkling accent as they wrap around the pear-shaped diamonds.

Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Add plenty of pizzazz to any evening look with this imaginative pair of diamond earrings! Shimmery feathers of entwined diamond strands are adorned with colorless diamonds that are micro set in 18k white gold. These fierce chandeliers have a total diamond weight of 5.58 carats.


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JESSICA from Wixon Jewelers

Jessica is our resident fashionista-in-chief and more formally our Diamond Department Manager. Helping guide our clients through life’s big milestones by helping them find the perfect piece of jewelry to last a lifetime is what she loves best! She is a Graduate Gemologist who has been infatuated with jewelry since she was a little girl, spending countless hours at her grandmother’s jewelry store. Have questions? Just Ask Jessica!

Sneak Peek: Super Jewels

Here in Minnesota, some of the best jewels in the world are being unveiled during Super Bowl week at Wixon Jewelers.  With the Bold North movement on full display, there is no better time to preview some the boldest ‘Super Jewels’ in the state.  This featured collection is only a small showing of the amazing luxury jewelry here this month.  Sophisticated designs featuring substantial diamonds and extraordinarily rare gemstones are sure to entice luxury jewelry lovers from far and wide.  The brightest and biggest jewels in town are the perfect way to celebrate all of February’s major moments.  A gala, the game or even Valentine’s Day, these substantial stunners say it all.

sapphire diamond earrings

A sensational pair of deep blue cushion cut sapphires are cradled in a platinum setting in this elongated design. These Victorian inspired earrings add a touch of vintage charm and timeless elegance to any special occasion!

This stunning Riviera style necklace showcases an  artfully alternating design leading to a spectacular 3.05-carat, GIA certified pear shaped diamond drop at the center. This exquisite necklace boasts a grand total of 31.64 carats!

fancy pink diamond ringPrepare yourself to become enchanted with this exceptional ring. This masterpiece features a rare 1.40-carat radiant cut pink diamond, enveloped in a halo accentuated with round brilliant pink diamonds. 

rose gold heart shaped diamond pendantCrafted in 18k rose gold, this charming necklace shimmers with a halo of 24 fancy pink diamonds. A perfectly proportioned 3.02-carat, GIA certified, heart shaped diamond rests at the center creating a magical look she’s certain to adore!

emerald platinum ring
Words cannot adequately describe the beauty of this remarkable custom emerald ring. Originating in Zambia, this amazing 15.14-carat cushion cut emerald prominently takes center stage in this three stone design.

pear shape diamond drop platinum earringsA sparkling duo of perfectly matched GIA certified pear shaped diamonds are delicately suspended beneath a brilliant cluster of mixed shape diamonds. Finished in platinum, these awe-inspiring earrings have a total weight of 15.03 carats.

fancy pink diamond pear shaped pendant

A luscious GIA certified 1.45-carat fancy pink pear shaped diamond is wrapped in a halo and suspended by a half-carat round colorless diamond. The necklace holds 64 colorless diamonds which completes this fabulous platinum and 18k rose gold piece.

emerald cut blue sapphire platinum ringThe centerpiece of this classic design is a 14.08-carat emerald cut Sri Lankan blue sapphire, showcased in a sleek platinum ring. Trapezoid cut diamonds taper towards the sapphire in a chic display of unparalleled craftsmanship and sophistication.

emerald cut diamond halo earringsDiamond earrings are a perennial favorite, and the go-to accessory for any outfit, or any occasion. Sweet and simply delightful, this pair features matched 1.50-carat GIA certified emerald cut center diamonds wrapped in a micro pave diamond halo.

Black Opal Pendant Diamond RivieraSimply spectacular, this necklace features an 8.98-carat black Australian opal surrounded by 4.64 carats of diamonds set in platinum. The pendant is suspended from a 14.63 carat diamond Riviera chain set in 18k white gold. 

diamonds by the yard necklaceWhether it’s worn as one long strand or doubled up for an extra dose of sparkle, this 35-inch stunner is the ideal companion to add a bit of glamour to any outfit. This darling diamond chain has an impressive total weight of just over 30 carats!


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JESSICA from Wixon Jewelers

Jessica is our resident fashionista-in-chief and more formally our Diamond Department Manager. Helping guide our clients through life’s big milestones by helping them find the perfect piece of jewelry to last a lifetime is what she loves best! She is a Graduate Gemologist who has been infatuated with jewelry since she was a little girl, spending countless hours at her grandmother’s jewelry store. Have questions? Just Ask Jessica!


DesireObsession, fervor, desire… there is nothing that can quicken a pulse and set one’s heart on fire like the highly coveted pink diamond. Those that consider pink to be soft and sweet have yet to experience the fervor of this beguiling blush beauty. Pink diamonds are rare, in fact, they are considered to be beyond rare. Only a gem of such limited availability could capture the attention of elite collectors and connoisseurs.

cushion cut pink diamond platinum ring
Fancy Pink Diamond Marquise Shape Earrings
radiant cut pink diamond platinum ring

Pink diamonds are worth ten to 100 times more than a classic white diamond. Their extreme rarity is what attracts an exclusive audience and the fervor is increasing as the supply of pinks is dwindling. Over 90% of the world’s pink diamond supply comes from a single location, the Argyle mine in northern Australia. Most diamond mines have been producing for centuries, but the first discovery at Argyle was only recently in 1985. To have a new find of such limited availability, in-part, explains the passion for pinks.

With only an estimated decade of diamonds from Argyle remaining, it is safe to say that pinks will only become ever more precious. Their scarce supply is a direct result of a pink diamond’s unusual formation process. Science is so often black and white, but a pink diamond’s cause of color has remained, to some degree, nature’s secret mystery. Most diamonds receive their color from trace elements, whereas pink diamonds are believed to obtain their color as a result of pressure beneath the surface which alters the structure, producing that crave-worthy color.
fancy shape pink diamond braceletOne of the marvels of nature is the modest size that pink diamonds are often found in. The annual production for pink diamonds over one-carat in size is less than a handful. Lavish and large don’t always go hand-in-hand in diamonds. Here the rarity of color, not the carat size, is celebrated. The juxtaposition between powerful pink and perfectly proper is what makes them the ultimate prized possession.

Did you know?

In April of 2017, the 59.60-carat “Pink Star” diamond sold for a whopping $71.2 million at auction—the highest price ever for a jewel!


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JESSICA from Wixon Jewelers

Jessica is our resident fashionista-in-chief and more formally our Diamond Department Manager. Helping guide our clients through life’s big milestones by helping them find the perfect piece of jewelry to last a lifetime is what she loves best! She is a Graduate Gemologist who has been infatuated with jewelry since she was a little girl, spending countless hours at her grandmother’s jewelry store. Have questions? Just Ask Jessica!

Wixon Custom Diamond Rings: Past Creations

Kite Set Diamond Engagement Ring

This custom engagement ring is a must-see! Its original design features an impressive 3.21 carat princess cut center, flanked by a total of 1.43 carats of princess cut side diamonds. Additionally, over half a carat of round brilliant cut diamonds spill down the split shank. Custom designed in-house by Wixon’s master jewelers, this platinum ring with its unique kite set diamonds is a true stunner!

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

This beautiful engagement ring was custom designed by our jewelry designers and crafted by our goldsmiths right here in Minnesota. An oval diamond is beautifully mounted into the platinum setting for optimum brilliance. Adding even more sparkle to this piece, the shank is set with over a half-carat of diamonds including two baguette cut diamonds and 26 round brilliant cut diamonds.

Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

This beautiful engagement ring was created right here in Minnesota by our jewelry designers and goldsmiths. Set in 14k white gold, the shanks of this ring feature two baguette cut diamonds and two small asscher cut diamonds. Shown here with a round brilliant cut center diamond, our shop can scale the ring to the size and shape of diamond you choose. We have several sizes and combinations so stop in and try them on!

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

This engagement ring is designed with a fabulous open style design which brings out the brilliance of the diamonds. The 1.5 carat marquise cut diamond which serves as the centerpiece of the ring is accented by two 3/4 carat marquise diamonds set in between the split shank. Princess cut diamonds are pave set in the split shank as well to make this platinum ring shine!

Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

This yellow gold solitaire engagement ring is a custom design by Wixon Jewelers. The wide bevel shank and thick four-prong crown are crafted from 18k yellow gold and house a round brilliant cut diamond. There are also two surprise diamonds that are bezel set on each side of the gallery of the ring.

Platinum Diamond Eternity Band

This platinum eternity style ring is incredible! Wixon Jewelers can create it in many different carat weights. The ring shown is made for a two to three carat round center diamond. Each of the 12 side diamonds is a quarter-carat stone making the total weight of the side diamonds over three carats! The diamonds grade VS in clarity and F/G in color.

What really makes this ring stand out is that you hardly notice the platinum shared prongs between the diamonds. Once on your hand it looks like the diamonds are floating on your finger. We have many size variations in stock for you to try on and view with what ever size diamond you choose.

Classically Styled Engagement Ring

Classically styled, this engagement ring features a mix of round brilliant cut and baguette diamonds. Our jewelry designers crafted this ring in platinum to showcase a round brilliant cut center diamond. The shanks of the ring are set with two rows of the baguettes, eight on each side, for a total diamond weight of .74 carats.

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

This platinum three-stone ring features a wonderful 5.07-carat emerald cut center diamond with a fancy cut diamond on each side, which total 7.48-carats. This gorgeous ring is accented with round brilliant cut diamonds bezel set along the band.

Contemporary Engagement Ring

This platinum ring was custom designed by Wixon Jewelers! This 4 carat marquise shape diamond is surrounded with 1.86 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds. This ring is wide and gives the illusion of 7 stacking bands, but they are all connected. The marquise is set at an angle on your finger and really makes a statement!

Wixon’s can scale this ring to any size marquise or oval shape diamond you choose.

Learn more about Custom Engagement Rings at Wixon Jewelers!

Make a Statement

Style is an outlet for creative self-expression, and for jewelry there is no piece more impactful than a notable statement necklace. These pieces are all about individualism. They are a reflection of one’s personality and presence. The right statement necklace is designed to engage and delight the wearer, and is also near impossible for others to miss.

Statement necklaces have been gaining momentum in the fashion industry over the last several years. Their recent surge in popularity is no surprise, as history often repeats itself in design and inspiration. Some of the earliest forms of jewelry were statement necklaces made of organic material such as shell or bone beads. From there, gold, diamonds and pearls became the choice selection dating back as early as the 16th century and the original “Pearl Girl,” Queen Elizabeth I.

The 20th century provided plenty of glitz and glamour. After all, who can forget Marilyn Monroe and “Talk to me Harry, tell me all about it”? Her iconic statement necklace in Gentleman Prefer Blondes encouraged women for decades to wear big and bold pieces. Another legendary statement necklace and fashion inspiration for many was Jackie Kennedy and her classic pearl strand. Jackie in her pearls is an image that captured the attention of jewelry lovers not only across the country, but around the world.

Fashion icons or former Wixon employees modeling their favorite statement necklaces?

Today’s statement necklaces pull inspiration from many different eras, yet they all have one thing in common. Their big bold style is attention grabbing glamour at its finest. From chunky diamond encrusted chains, to rich and royal sapphire suites, there is a statement necklace for every person and every fashion point-of-view.

There are a few simple guidelines to follow with these necklaces to help make your sparkling statement a success. One of the most important details is that the necklace should be the main event of any ensemble. The more elaborate the piece, the simpler the attire. With a bevy of wardrobe basics, even the most outrageously ornate necklace can be worn daily either dressed up or down.

With so many gorgeous options available, in a variety of styles, you’re sure to find a piece that speaks to you. A collection can be built to include a stunning diamond collar, a suite of colored gems, big and bold layered pearls or even a simple oversized chunky gold chain. Each style has its own personality, and depending on the wearer, the mood or the day will have a place in any wardrobe. When wearing bolder pieces, it’s important to keep the accompanying accessories a bit more reserved. Classic diamond studs, a beautiful watch or a timeless tennis bracelet will compliment the statement necklace without stealing the show.

Statement necklaces are here to stay. As an integral part of daily fashion, they are being featured dressed up or dressed down. With a multitude of styles to choose from, there is a perfect piece for everyone and every occasion. Unlike other jewelry, these necklaces have inspired and united women to make sparkling silent statements where personality and self-expression reign supreme.

The only question that remains is, what will your piece say?


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JESSICA from Wixon Jewelers

Jessica is our resident fashionista-in-chief and more formally our Diamond Department Manager. Helping guide our clients through life’s big milestones by helping them find the perfect piece of jewelry to last a lifetime is what she loves best! She is a Graduate Gemologist who has been infatuated with jewelry since she was a little girl, spending countless hours at her grandmother’s jewelry store. Have questions? Just Ask Jessica!

The Allure of Aquamarine

For centuries, this timeless gemstone has been a symbol of youth, hope, health and fidelity. Since this gemstone is the color of water and the sky, it is said to embody eternal life. It was long thought that Aquamarine has a soothing influence on married couples, making it a good anniversary gift.

Ancient Folklore

The ancient philosopher Pliny described the stone in these words: “The lovely Aquamarine, which seems to have come from some mermaid’s treasure house, in the depths of a summer sea, has charms.”  The very name aquamarine brings to mind the clear blue tint of the sea. The name is derived from two Latin words, aqua meaning water, and marina meaning sea. In ancient times, Romans and Greeks thought the gemstone was favored by their respective Gods of the sea, Neptune and Poseidon. When encountered with any peril at sea, sailors would simply toss their aquamarine amulets into the sea to appease the Gods and ask for safe passage.

Aquamarine’s vitreous luster gives off a mesmerizing glass-like effect. In the middle ages, aquamarines were referred to as ‘magic mirrors’ capable of predicting the future. It was considered an oracle stone and used to make crystal balls for fortune telling. Even kings fell under it’s spell. One of the most famous aquamarines is the Hirsch Aquamarine. This huge 109.92 carat gemstone belonged to the House of Louis XV. It was fashioned into a pendant, crafted out of 18k white gold, and decorated with 118 diamonds. Its serene, cool color is said to calm the wearer.

Legend says Neptune, the King of the Sea, gave aquamarine as gifts to the mermaids.

A Favorite Among Modern Designers

Aquamarine’s azure hue has captured the admiration of the 21st century. Since its color compliments almost every skin and eye color, it makes for the perfect gem to be used in a family heirloom treasured for generations. There is hardly any other gemstone in modern jewelry design which is refined in such a variety of ways as aquamarine. Designers take the world by surprise with ground breaking and modern artistic cuts. Whether it is fashioned as a clear, transparent gem in the classical step cut, or creatively cut in a more modern design, it is always fascinatingly beautiful.

Without a doubt, these creative designer cuts have contributed to the popularity of this gem. The lucid color of aquamarine makes it easy to see inclusions. For this reason, aquamarine should always be of the greatest possible transparency. On the other hand, particularly charming effects can sometimes be achieved in the way the gemstone is cut by bringing the inclusions into play. The light color of aquamarine leaves the gemstone designer free to bring out the brilliance of the gem with fine grooves, notches, curves and edges. In this way, each aquamarine becomes a unique specimen, whose magical attraction no one can resist.


The 1,000-carat Most Precious aquamarine is in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History.

The 10,395-ct. Dom Pedro aquamarine obelisk, by gem sculptor Bernd Munsteiner, is the world’s largest cut aquamarine.

In 1935, the Brazilian government gifted a 1,847-carat aquamarine, now known as the Roosevelt aquamarine, to Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt.

Origin Story

Aquamarine’s parents are magma and rain water. Under the right conditions, when this duo mix together, an aquamarine is born. Iron is the substance which gives aquamarine its color, a color which ranges from an almost indiscernible pale blue to a strong sea blue. Many aquamarines are greenish when mined and cut, and are heated to enhance their blue color. Heat treated aquamarines become permanently blue as the process removes the unattractive hues leaving behind the gorgeous sea water color.

Most of the raw crystals for the world market come from the gemstone mines of Brazil. The origin affects the nuances of the gem’s color and size. The rare, intense blue aquamarines from the Santa Maria de Itabira mine in Brazil, which make every gemstone lover’s heart beat faster, are called ‘Santa Maria.’ Similar nuances come from a few gemstone mines in Africa, particularly Mozambique. To distinguish them from the Brazilian ones, these aquamarines have been given the name ‘Santa Maria Africana.’


Classic Characteristics

Color, clarity, cut and carat weight are some of the characteristics that determine the quality and value of the gem. The color tones of aquamarine are subtle and varied, most often exhibiting a beautiful ocean blue color, with subtle hints of green. Their soft luster is a wonderful addition to any natural colored gemstone jewelry collection. The more intense the color of an aquamarine, the more value is put on it. It is a pure, clear blue that continues to epitomize the aquamarine, because it brings out the immaculate transparency and magnificent shine of this gemstone.

Aquamarine grows in beautiful six-sided prismatic crystals that on rare occasions can be more than a foot long. These crystals come in sizes from very small to very large—some even up to 100 lbs. Faceted aquamarine is often exceptionally transparent with vitreous luster, so well-cut gems really sparkle. The gem is pleochroic, which means it shows different colors in different crystal directions. Using a dichroscope, you can see aquamarine is near colorless and stronger blue in different crystal directions. Fortunately for aquamarine, the stronger blue color corresponds with the cutting orientation that retains the most weight.

In addition to traditional favorites like diamond, emerald or ruby, aquamarine is one of our most popular and best-known gemstones of the 21st century. The aquamarine is in fact related to the emerald, both belonging to the beryl family. The color of aquamarine, however, is usually more even than that of the emerald. Its azure hue is only one of many distinguishing qualities that demands admiration. Much more often than its famous green cousin, aquamarine is almost entirely free of inclusions.


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JESSICA from Wixon Jewelers

Jessica is our resident fashionista-in-chief and more formally our Diamond Department Manager. Helping guide our clients through life’s big milestones by helping them find the perfect piece of jewelry to last a lifetime is what she loves best! She is a Graduate Gemologist who has been infatuated with jewelry since she was a little girl, spending countless hours at her grandmother’s jewelry store. Have questions? Just Ask Jessica!

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