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The Art of Color

Dave Bindra

Our fascination with the natural brilliance and beauty of precious gemstones has endured for centuries. Today it manifests itself in record-breaking, multi-million dollar auctions and a global race to unearth the next historic find of pigeon’s blood Rubies, vivid pink Spinels, and neon Paraiba tourmalines. We are entering a time when the use of exotic colored gemstones in couture and high jewelry is unprecedented. From the major brands on 5th Avenue to the red carpet, color is all the craze today. Connoisseurs all over America are looking for rare and unusual items that not only have intrinsic value, but will also set them apart as discerning jewelry collectors.

The enduring beauty of colored gemstones is timeless. Precious gems have had an inherent value for centuries and an aesthetic value that is everlasting. The beauty of a gemstone is determined by the way we perceive them. One might say that gemstones have something in common with paintings and fine art. As a colored gemstone specialist, my training has been very similar to that of a fine art dealer in understanding the subtle nuances which differentiate the vast variety of different types and species of gemstones.

The key to a gemstone’s beauty is not merely a two-dimensional perception of color or clarity, but a four-dimensional balance of color, transparency, appearance and most importantly how a gemstone moves you. The emotion which a beautiful object provokes is that fourth dimension which can affect each and every one of us in a unique manner. The appreciation of beauty in a gemstone is similar to appreciating the beauty in a masterpiece painting. We judge such beauty on the overall appearance of a gem, from the flashes of deep blue in a Ceylon Sapphire to the neon glow of a Paraiba Tourmaline– characteristics similar to a painting’s subtle brush strokes or balance of color.

2.28-carat hot pink spinel accented with 1.67 carats of diamonds

2.49-carat Paraiba Tourmaline accented with 3.94 carats of diamonds

17.26ct Blue Zircon
8.66ct Yellow Sapphire
4.22ct Mint Tourmaline

3.64 carats of pink spinel accented with .4o-carat of diamonds

By Dave Bindra–Dave is considered to be one of the world’s leading colored gemstone specialists. He is known for sourcing one-of-a-kind gemstones with an incomparable level of quality, brilliance and beauty. Many of our most exceptional colored gemstones are acquired through Dave and his family before becoming part of our Wixon Signature collection. 

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