Paraiba Ring
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Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline Ring

Electric Allure

The discovery of Paraiba Tourmaline is a fascinating story, one that could easily be compared to a fairy tale. It is a story about a dreamer who believed in the magic of new discovery. Heitor Dimas Barbosa was a man with an unshakeable belief that there was a new, incredible gem just waiting to be uncovered.

Paraiba Countries of Origin

Country of Origin

Paraiba only comes from two major sources in the world, Brazil and Mozambique. The Brazilian source is almost completely depleted. The Mozambique: beautiful finds there are just as hard to come across and just as highly sought after. Scientists attribute the location of these discoveries to Pangea. Before the continents drifted apart some 175,000,000 years ago, these two countries were adjacent to one another, providing just the right environment for the rich copper and manganese-bearing Paraiba Tourmaline that we now know them today.

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