Sapphire Ring
The royal and majestic

Blue Sapphire

Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

True Blue

There is no gem that rivals the majestic blue sapphire. Blue is cool, refreshing and sublimely serene. It reflects the sky above and the sea below. Cobalt, cornflower, navy and indigo are only the tip of the awesome array of colors sapphire has to offer. Found in all colors of the rainbow but red, this transformative gem is lovely in every hue. However, it is the gorgeous and glorious blue sapphire that is considered to be the most treasured of all gems.

Sapphire Countries of Origin

Country of Origin

The finest blue sapphires in the world are found in remote locations such as Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Myanmar (Burma), and Mozambique. There are many additional locations where sapphire is found in abundance, but the rarest blue sapphires are challenging to mine, difficult to acquire and extremely limited in availability.

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