How Young is Too Young for Jewelry?

Kim Kardashian holding her baby North


Most little girls have some sort of “play jewelry”, you’ve seen it – the big bright pink plastic gem bracelets, rings, and necklaces. But there is something to be said about getting your first piece of “real jewelry”. Most people want to give their child a piece of jewelry that they can keep as an heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation. While others wait until the child develops an interest in jewelry on their own.

Today, the children of superstars are not only sporting the trendiest designer clothing but also high end jewelry. Just last month baby North West had her ears pierced so she can wear her first pair of diamond earrings – totaling a half-carat and set in platinum.


My mom could have decided to pierce my ears when I was an infant or toddler but I’m glad she didn’t. She installed values like “good things are worth waiting for” and someday I would be old enough to get my ears pierced and own a small collection of jewelry for myself.  I will never forget the day she took me and my sisters to get our ears pierced, it was a big day for all of us and a memory I will cherish forever. I was so excited to pick out my first pair of earrings – of course I went with the classic December birthstone studs. I anxiously waited and held my breath as the lady pulled the trigger on the piercing gun. After that split second I had become a little more grown up and a whole new world of jewelry accessorizing began!


If you decide to give your infant or toddler jewelry, of course always consider safety first. Be sure there is nothing in or around that could pose a possible choking hazard or constrictive jewelry that could cut off their circulation. Also consider items that are durable. We all know how young babies can pull and tug on hair so be sure it is something that can withstand their tiny hands. It’s also important to consider items that are practical and affordable since that lovely piece of jewelry might end up covered in melted ice cream or broken due to one too many tugs.


If you choose to wait until your child is older you may find that you’ll have a lot more options. The older the child is the more likely they will be to understand the significance of jewelry and they also know more of what they do and don’t like. A gift of jewelry for a young girl could be to commemorate a significant birthday or an event making it that much more special. Some women purchase birthstone jewelry for their daughter’s 13th birthday or perhaps as a golden birthday gift. A pair of small diamond stud earrings might be a gift to give her for doing well at her first concert recital or dance competition. Having a “girls day out” to go shopping for jewelry could be something you would enjoy together and speaking from experience, a day she may cherish forever. When it all comes down to it choose what you feel is best for your child.

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