The "It" List - December 2019

The Gift of Glitz - Part Two

Christmas is right around the corner and great gift ideas are at a premium! A woman’s jewelry collection should include timeless classics and pieces of jewelry that allow a pop of personality to play through. Last month we highlighted part one of our top ten jewelry gifts; and this month, our second-half steps up the sparkle factor and encourages bold style choices.


A Diamond Necklace

Different from a pendant, diamond necklaces feature a consecutive strand of diamonds around the neck. This 46-carat emerald-cut diamond Riviera necklace is a modern take on this classic must-have. The key to wearing a Riviera often is owning the look and embracing the bold confidence that comes from the continuous line of diamonds!

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A Diamond Band

The options with a classic diamond band are endless. It’s the gift that can be worn on either hand, and it can be worn in a many different ways. With a variety of diamond shapes, sizes and settings, there is a diamond band design to suit every personality.

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A Drop Earring

Wearing a pair of drop earrings is an instantaneous dose of fun! While every jewelry collection needs a diamond stud, the next earring on the list should be a drop earring with movement and some color. Featuring 12 carats of fancy yellow diamonds, these stunning earrings add style and flare to any ensemble.

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"The beauty of giving the gift of jewelry is that each piece instantly becomes a wearable memory."

Jessica Gylsen – Diamond Department Manager


A Bangle Bracelet

Fashion forward and fun, a bangle bracelet provides structure to the style and allows the designer to showcase diamond detail in interesting and unique ways. Showcasing nearly 25 carats of rose-cut diamonds, this beautiful diamond bangle shows off stellar style and sparkle from every possible angle.

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An Element of Surprise

What woman doesn’t love an unexpected surprise? While you can never go wrong with the classics, consider surprising her with a stunning colored gemstone! She might not have thought to add this 7.77-carat blue sapphire to her wish list, but without a doubt it will be a piece she will treasure forever.

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