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Hanadama pearls are the highest quality pearls available, and you”ll find an amazing collection at Wixon Jewelers!

Hanadama Pearls

Hanadama is Japanese for “Spherical Flower,” and is the term used to describe the finest quality and most highly valued pearls from any given harvest. When most people think of high quality pearls, ‘Mikimoto’ is the brand that comes to mind. The problem with ‘Mikimoto’ is that they have 4 grades and 4 more sub categories, so most Mikimotos aren’t top quality. Most Mikimoto sales actually come from their two lowest grades!

Hanadama Pearls Are Simply The Best

When discussing Hanadam,a there are several things to understand. First and most important is that Hanadama is the best, highest quality Akoya pearl achievable. There cannot be anything better. Secondly, because they are the best, therefore a superior strand cannot exist – they”d be called Hanadama. The Hanadama certification is given by the Pearl Science Laboratory of Japan, located in Tokyo, Japan. A strand of pearls cannot be referred to as ‘Hanadama’ unless accompanied by this certificate. The original certificate must accompany the strand; otherwise the strand is not Hanadama.

Hanadama Pearls

Grading, Testing & Certification

The Pearl Science Laboratory performs several tests on random pearls throughout the strand to determine the overall grade and quality of the pearls. The pearls’ surface is magnified and checked for inclusions.

The nacre quality and depth is checked by utilizing optical fibers and x-rays. The luster is determined by comparison to master samples. If all tests are performed and every value factor exceeds or 
meets the criteria, the strand is deemed Hanadama grade. It is important to
 note that only approximately half of the strands submitted for Hanadama analysis are accepted as such by the Pearl Science Laboratory.

The Beauty Of Hanadama Pearls

Every pearl is unique – and that is the beauty of pearls. The Hanadama Pearl Certificate does not allow for a grading of zero imperfections. The reason is quite simple – all pearls will have some degree of imperfection. Pearls are organically created gems, and although the imperfections may be indistinguishable to the consumer, they still do exist. For that reason, the Pearl Science Laboratory of Japan does not allow for ‘perfectly flawless’ grading.

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