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Patek Philippe Tips

Patek watch


Here are some great, actionable tips about Patek Philippe timepieces.

  1. Never wind your timepiece when it is on your wrist. It can bend the crown.
  2. Never set the other functions on your watch between 10 am/pm and 2 am/pm – this can ruin the gears. The best rule to follow is to set the hands to 6:30 pm, set the other features then lastly, set the time.
  3. Always make sure your winding stem is screwed down or closed completely. This will prevent water and dust from getting in.
  4. The majority of chronographs are not meant to run 24 hours, this causes extensive wear and tear to the parts because it’s designed for timing events – not continuous use.
  5. Be sure to have your timepiece serviced every couple years – it will perform much better if it has regular maintenance.
  6. In using correct watch terminology – refer to the “dial” not the “face” and use the words “strap” or “bracelet” not “band.”

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Published June 2009

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