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A Prototype Resurfaces

Black Bay P01

The new Black Bay P01 is a modern interpretation of a 1967 prototype created for the US Navy.

Black Bay P01The history of the TUDOR dive watch dates back to 1954, with the launch of reference 7922. This model fully embraced the brand’s tool-watch philosophy, and was the first in their long line of robust and reliable dive watches. TUDOR had been supplying the US Navy with divers’ watches since the late 1950s and the years that followed saw constant improvement of their dive watches. In 1967, TUDOR began development of a technical model to replace the Oyster Prince Submariner that was standard-issue for divers at that time.

This new watch needed to incorporate the latest research into functionality and ergonomics while meeting a strict set of specifications and requirements set forth by the US government. Carrying the code-name “Commando”, this ambitious project resulted in a patent for an innovative hinged end-link locking system. While prototypes were produced, the project never came to fruition as the US Navy adopted the TUDOR reference 7016 instead. The newly introduced Black Bay P01—which stands for prototype 1—is inspired by a prototype developed during the original study that has remained hidden in the archives, only to have its unique aesthetic brought to life 50 years later.

[Top Image]: Fitted between the upper lugs, the P01’s unique bezel lock mechanism utilizes a claw-like hinge to clamp down on the fluted rim of the bi-directional bezel, securing it in place.

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