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Linea 10009

Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier's collection of Linea watches is designed with the woman in mind. They took inspiration from ladies' watches in the past that had a strong sense of femininity and added modern touches to create an elegant timepiece. The Linea is a timeless design that is accented by round and feminine lines. With the bracelet perfectly centered in the middle of the case, it accentuates the idea that a watch is for more than just telling time... it is an elegant piece of jewelry.

The Linea 10009 utilizes a smaller 27mm case which houses the quartz movement. At 5mm smaller than the larger Linea models, It's the perfect size for women who desire a smaller timepiece. This watch features an interchangeable strap which is perfect for women who love to accessorize and enables the wearer to change the entire look of the watch with ease, and without breaking a fingernail. It comes with both a black calfskin strap and a polished steel bracelet.

Wixon Jewelers is an authorized dealer of Baume & Mercier Watches.

Model No: 10009

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