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Underwater scene with a plastic water bottle under floating with a Luminor Marina eSteel

Oceans cover over 70% of our planet; and although they are immense and powerful, our oceans are also vulnerable to a multitude of environmental threats. Of the 300 million tons of plastic produced annually, it’s estimated that 8-10 million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year. At a time when the environmental impact of plastic has become impossible to ignore, Panerai is making a strong push towards a more environmentally-friendly future. The brand with Italian origins has deep historical links to a marine environment that is seriously affected today, particularly by the damage caused by plastic. Ecological awareness, which has already transformed the way everyday products are presented, perceived and consumed, is now increasingly impacting the world of luxury.


A pioneer of advancements in contemporary watchmaking for generations, Panerai has consistently created timepieces incorporating materials and technologies with transformative and far-reaching impact. With their aquatic heritage, Panerai is always experimenting with new materials and ways to promote ocean conservation. The development of eSteel is one of the most remarkable technical achievements in the brand’s history. Composed of recycled-based materials, eSteel is an advancement that represents a step in Panerai’s commitment to reduce the need for virgin material extraction and its high environmental impact.

The case and dial of Luminor Marina eSteel feature a new recycled steel alloy with a total of 89g (or 58.4%) of the watch’s components made of recycled-based materials. It required close coordination with suppliers to ensure the material matched the physical properties of the other virgin materials. Although it’s composed of recycled material, eSteel has the same chemical behavior, physical structure and corrosion resistance as a non-recycled alloy. The greatest icons evolve over time, and the Luminor is no exception. Even with new materials, these models retain their unique aesthetic.

Plastic bottle and a Luminor Marina strap

FROM SODA TO STRAPS—Recycled PET is a light, strong and resistant material designed to minimize the environmental impact of plastic bottles. Panerai’s recycled straps and stitching are made from plastic waste collected before it could pollute our oceans.



In their quest to expand sustainability, Panerai has partnered with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO to develop ocean literacy activities for the UN’s Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. The partnership will develop programs and actions with the final objective of developing transformative solutions to the existing and future challenges that face the ocean. The goal is to embrace a more responsible mindset and behavior towards the ocean and its preservation by developing educational and research initiatives that provide values and knowledge while enhancing an active community. The partnership will develop a program of work around ocean literacy to ensure that citizens, stakeholders and institutions understand their interaction with the ocean and apply this knowledge to develop transformative solutions toward building a more sustainable society. Existing at the nexus of two of Panerai’s prime fields of expertise—continued innovation and respect for the marine world—this partnership reflects a devotion to conservation and a commitment to a sustainable environment with healthy oceans.

With the introduction of eSteel, Panerai is poised to lead a movement toward more environmentally responsible watch manufacturing. In its efforts to develop solutions to the ocean plastic crisis, Panerai is intent on spreading knowledge and awareness of the current plight of our oceans. In combination with its other sustainability efforts, and a desire to spread its practices across the industry, Panerai is leading the way on ocean and climate conservation in watchmaking. While they can’t alone remove millions of tons of plastic that leach into our oceans each year, they are making great strides to affect change and protect the ocean through dedication and innovation.

[Top Image]: PANERAI Luminor Marina eSteel

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