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In two recent articles by the Star Tribune, Wixon Jewelers has been found to offer some of the best prices for buying silver and gold in Minnesota.

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“Do the Gold Guys Pay the Most for Silver?”  |  March 21, 2011

Excerpt from the original article:

“Here’s a list of the buyers, from highest to lowest paid.

Enviro-Chem (Rogers, 763-428-4002): 91 cents a gram, or $28.30 a troy ounce.

Grove Coin (Woodbury, 651-738-8352): 90 cents a gram, or $27.92 a troy ounce.

Wixon Jewelers (Bloomington, 952-881-8862): 77 cents a gram, or $24 a troy ounce.

W.E. Mowrey (St. Paul, 651-646-1895): 73 cents a gram, or $22.70 a troy ounce.

Uptown Pawn(Mpls., 612-823-3001): 58 cents a gram, or $18 a troy ounce.

Excel Pawn (Shakopee, 952-445-1876): 35 cents a gram, or $10.89 a troy ounce.”


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“Selling Gold? Shop around.”  |  November 19, 2009

Excerpts from the original article:

“Save time by calling around to ask what a retailer is paying that day per gram or pennyweight for 14-karat gold (or 10K or 18K depending on the piece). If they won’t say, go elsewhere. In my comparison Nov. 9-10, pennyweight prices ranged from $16 at Gold Guys to $25 at Wixon for 14-karat gold.”

“I took the pieces to five dealers on Nov. 9 and 10 when gold prices were at $1,100 per ounce. The lowest price paid for all five pieces was $1,264 by the Gold Guys at Mall of America. The highest price was $1,677 at Grove Coin in Woodbury, but the total was skewed by the higher coin value. Without the coin, Wixon Jewelers in Bloomington paid the highest on each of the four items.

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