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Ravishing Rubies

Ravishing Rubies

Ruby is one nature’s most marvelous masterpieces. Its place throughout history is deep-rooted and respected. It’s referenced in the Bible, adorned royalty for centuries, and for a period of time rubies were considered to be even more valuable than diamonds. Ruby is a gem of love, energy, passion and power. It is one of the most important colored gemstones on the market, and can command the highest per-carat price of any colored stone. Once a ruby reaches just one-carat in size, it becomes exponentially more rare and valuable. The color speaks much louder than soft and delicate hued gems, making it a large statement even in subtle sizes.Two ruby rings When we look to add a ruby to our collection, color is everything. The finest color of a ruby is described as Pigeon’s Blood, which is a bright and brilliant hued fiery red. Although not the most romantic description, it is actually one recognized around the world for countless years as the standard of perfection.

Pigeon with ruby bracelet around its neckWHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW PIGEON’S BLOOD?

It may be time to find a new classification for the finest color of ruby. While fire engine red might be a more modern comparison, it just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it…

For centuries, Burma has been known for producing some of the finest rubies available. However, with advancements in mining, other equally stunning rubies are being discovered in Thailand, Africa, Sri Lanka and recently Mozambique. Our collection of rubies is vast and diverse in size and country of origin. When looking at a ruby, it’s easy to see why it’s considered to be the king of gems. The richness of the color, regardless of its origin, is what collectors and gem enthusiast search for and what makes it nearly impossible to resist! Ruby Riviera Necklace


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