Rare $2,500,000 Pink Diamond

2-5M-PinkDiamondThe Diamond Event at Wixon Jewelers is going on this Friday and Saturday from 10am-6pm, showcasing exceptional diamond rings and jewelry featuring rare fancy color diamonds. One of the highlights of this collection is a museum quality diamond ring featuring a GIA-certified natural Fancy Intense Pink diamond. Due to the rarity of this natural pink diamond, this piece is valued at $2,500,000! This may be the only time to see a pink diamond of this kind.

Pink diamonds are rare; in fact they are beyond rare. Out of the 133 million carats of diamonds mined yearly, only a very small percentage are pink. In fact, an entire year’s supply of pink diamonds that weigh over a half-carat could fit in the palm of your hand! With only a few years of supply remaining in major mines, the pink diamond becomes ever more precious as time passes.

Celebrity fascination with fancy colors may account for the sudden spiral in popularity. Historically, celebrities and royalty have worn these unique gemstones, but times are changing and these rare gifts from nature are rapidly gaining popularity for engagement rings. They are prized by all who possess them and revered for their unique provenance, intrinsic beauty and extreme rarity.

Not only will there be an exclusive colored diamond collection, The Diamond Event at Wixon Jewelers will feature some of the world’s top designers and their entire collections brought in for this exclusive event! From luxurious diamond engagement rings to rare one-of-a-kind colored diamond jewelry, there is sure to be something for everyone. See an amazing $2.5 million dollar natural fancy pink diamond ring during The Diamond Event at Wixon Jewelers.

We stopped by WCCO with our incredible pink diamond ring. The look on Kylie’s face when she slips it on her finger is priceless…

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