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What can I say, if this car doesn’t move you… you may not have a pulse. When I first saw this car, I was stunned. That doesn’t happen to me often. Super sporty yet drivable, the new Porsche 911 Turbo S is no garage queen. It puts up supercar numbers and is blindingly fast.

Kurt Carr, the handsome devil who owns this beast, had his eye on the Turbo S for years until the right one finally came along. He nailed the color—it’s called Gentian Blue. The color is absolute perfection on a car, and Wixon knows color! (Had to get my marketing plug in!) Thirty years ago, Kurt had a Porsche that really moved him and he never forgot that special feeling he had driving it. That car spoke to him. This car doesn’t speak—it shouts. It’s not designed to be a track car, but it is a super performer.

Not being a track car allows it to be more comfortable so you can drive it… a lot. If it was mine, I sure would. The interior is classy, but not too complicated, with gorgeous design elements crafted from the finest materials. It’s surprisingly comfortable to sit in, which is hard to do in a car that looks this good and is this fast. Need all the performance numbers? Go online; we don’t have room here. My visceral reaction to this car said it all for me.

Kurt offered to let me drive it, but I wouldn’t. If I drove it, I might not come back. What if something happened? It’d be my fault and I’d have to buy him a new one. Worst of all, I know I’d want one… badly. And I’d have to copy Kurt’s, which I never do, so it’s best to stay out of it.

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