Emerald-Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Style No: 181960

Experience the epitome of sophistication with this emerald-cut diamond tennis bracelet, a timeless masterpiece that elegantly transcends fleeting trends. This exquisite bracelet boasts a total of 13.37 carats of emerald-cut diamonds precisely set in an 18k yellow gold north-south design. The 54 emerald-cut diamonds, each meticulously chosen for exceptional quality, create a captivating rhythm of brilliance along the 7-inch length of the bracelet. The north-south orientation adds a contemporary touch, ensuring a graceful and eye-catching display on the wrist. The combination of the mesmerizing emerald-cut diamonds and the warm glow of 18k yellow gold results in a bracelet that exudes luxury and refinement.

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Since ancient times, diamonds have been admired objects of desire. Formed one hundred miles beneath the Earth’s surface over a billion years ago, diamonds are the hardest gem of all. Diamonds have a long history of folklore; some of which say diamonds were created when bolts of lightning struck rocks, and others said the gem possessed healing powers. For centuries, diamonds have been adorned by women and men and regarded as the ultimate gift and a symbol of eternal love.

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