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Mr. Martha

There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes at Wixon Jewelers. Believe it or not, our store doesn’t just wake up ready to dazzle and delight. There is all sorts of primping, preening and hard work done by our very own stylist, Jerry. He’s the florist behind the beautiful bouquets at our events. He’s the decorator, making our store feel like Christmas both inside and out. He’s the chef, bringing delicious hors d’oeuvres and homemade cookies for you to enjoy. Jerry has the knack for recreating and improving upon recipes simply by tasting them. He has the ability to look at a picture in a magazine and, presto, there is a bouquet or decoration with his own flair. He is our very own Mr. Martha Stewart! What is the recipe for Jerry’s success? Although he has no formal culinary training, you cannot discount the hours spent with his mother and aunts growing up. Whether it was canning, baking or preparing dinner, his time as a young boy in the kitchen was influential. Some of his fondest memories are with his aunts baking Christmas cookies over the holidays. Each spring he would spend hours of hard work helping tend his neighbors’ flower beds, which is where his appreciation for all things that blossom, bloomed. Jerry’s talents are vast and varied. His infectious laughter coupled with his can-do attitude is part of our very own recipe for success!

jerry_6292 The arrival of our Spookies Cookies is a highly anticipated showroom event. Can’t wait for Spookie season? Get the recipe for Chef Jerry’s Spookies Cookies.

Inside and out, Jerry’s festive winter decor makes our store feel like home for the holidays.

It wouldn’t be a Wixon event without Jerry’s delicious hors d’oeuvres and festive floral arrangements!

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Hope Wixon

Welcome to Hope’s Corner! Here you will find topics ranging from gems and timepieces to cars and elves. Or pretty much whatever strikes my fancy! I’d love to hear your comments or suggestions.

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