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Wixon Jewelers is a family-owned business based on family values. Honesty, trust, integrity; our team, our store and our product are all held to the highest standards. The same standards that we expect out of our own family. What we offer is much greater than a gift. We are part of our clients most intimate and monumental milestone moments. Moments that become part of a family footprint, and that are remembered and reminisced about for years after. One of our newly engaged couples, Ryan Riebling and Caroline Byrd, shared their experience and insight on what having a family jeweler means to them.

Why was having a family jeweler important to you?

For Ryan and I, it’s rooted in the relationship, quality, and commitment. A family jeweler understands the significance of the moments associated with each purchase. Because of Wixon’s personal investment, we can trust the service and quality of product we are buying and know we have a team looking out for us!

When it comes to making important decisions, it’s often family we turn to for guidance, advice and recommendations. After 30 years in business, we take great pride in being the recommended family jeweler for many. Taking care of our client’s family and friends is an honor and a privilege that we take very seriously.

How did Ryan find our store?

My (Caroline) mom and sister both received engagement rings from Wixon. In fact, the whole family tagged along during our visits to Wixon! We knew about the quality of what Wixon offers, saw the breadth of the jewelry and services they could provide, and made a great connection with their team.

We are able to take care of the needs of three different generations, all while maintaining the superior level of quality our clients have come to expect. We’ve established a reputation for providing an unrivaled experience and a store culture with an environment where all are welcome. We want our clients to feel like they too are part of our Wixon family. That sentiment holds true whether it’s the first visit or one of many.

What made your experience at Wixon special?

Ryan and I knew we wanted something different in our ring. Jessica and Barry shared their passion, creativity, and expertise to help Ryan and I design a ring that reflected us. It was meaningful to us to build a relationship that will continue to grow as we grow in our own relationship.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our clients sharing their own versions of the ‘Wixon Experience’ with friends and family, and for that we are forever grateful. Congratulations again to Ryan and Caroline!

[Top Image]: Photo by JL Photography

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