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Women with necklace and earrings

Dressing for your day has taken on a whole new meaning over these last few years. Our events and occasions have, to some degree, lost predictability. Black-tie galas, formal fine dining and elaborate parties have given up ground to smaller, more intimate affairs. Our wardrobes have become more versatile and transitionary, and our occasions are more revered and treasured. New avenues of communication have made us all look at how we present ourselves differently. As our social calendars continue to adapt, the place for statement jewelry in a modern jewelry collection is as essential as ever.

Bold and brilliant pieces of statement jewelry serve many purposes in the modern woman’s jewelry collection. With a snap of a clasp, even the most basic of blouses is immediately elevated by these bold accessories. One stunning necklace or the perfect pair of chandelier earrings creates instant personality to elevate your ensemble. Unique shapes, asymmetrical designs, texture, embellishment and movement—these are all key style elements to look for when searching for a signature piece.

Statement jewelry also presents a way to highlight our best beauty features. The right piece of jewelry on the right person is a major fashion moment that is guaranteed to last long after the event is over. Individual features like hair color, face shape and skin tone, features that make each of us uniquely beautiful, should be played up with the appropriate accessories. A delicate drop pendant or simple diamond stud doesn’t have near the impact of a larger earring with movement and length or a dazzling diamond and gemstone necklace.

Whether elegant earrings, a bold ring or a statement necklace, selecting the style of your signature piece is a highly personal choice. Some women prefer the swing and sashay of an ornate drop earring, where others may prefer more of a structured collar-style necklace. When choosing which statement piece is right for you, try on multiple options and variations, and then go with what makes you feel your most boldly beautiful! A good fashion rule to follow is to limit your accessorizing to one signature piece per outfit as too many at once can become diluted and overdone.

By nature, fine jewelry is statement-worthy for its quality and sentiment. For a special occasion, stepping up the scale and importance of the necklace or earrings is a wonderful way to commemorate the moment. Statement jewelry presents a fabulous opportunity to celebrate an accomplishment or allow an avenue for an indulgent self-purchase. Every woman deserves to feel confidently beautiful, and a bold piece of statement jewelry is designed to do just that.

Necklace & Earring on womanEARRINGS: Diamond stud earrings featuring 8.11 carats of round diamonds set in platinum.

NECKLACE: Drop pendant featuring a 16.09-carat pear-shaped sapphire with 2.16 carats of gem accents suspended from a 9.54-carat diamond chain.

Necklace & Earring on woman

EARRINGS: Diamond earrings featuring 6.04 carats of oval diamonds accented by .78-carats of round diamonds.

NECKLACE: Diamond Riviera necklace showcasing 31.64 carats of fancy-shaped diamonds set in platinum.


Necklace & Earring on woman

EARRINGS: Double sapphire drop earrings featuring 21.05 carats of sapphires accented by 1.22 carats of diamonds.

NECKLACE: Diamond Riviera necklace featuring 23.40 carats of diamonds set in platinum.


Necklace & Earring on woman

EARRINGS: Multi-row diamond statement earrings showcasing 5.48 carats of round diamonds.

NECKLACE: Freeform necklace highlighted by a 20.90-carat tanzanite accented by 3.38 carats of diamonds set in white gold.


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