A date complication displays the date on the watch and is the simplest watch complication that exists. Day date complications show the day of the week in addition to the date. The date function must be manually adjusted at the end of 30-day months as well as at the end of February to ensure the proper date is displayed.


Digital Date

Digital date shows the date displayed numerically through a window (also known as an aperture) on the dial. Typically the date display is located at the three o’clock position, but this isn’t always the case.

Analog Date

Analog date uses a center hand with an arrow or a crescent that points to the date on the outside of the dial. Looking for something unique? This style of date function is a great twist on the standard digital date display.

Day Date

Day date complications show the day of the week displayed on the dial in addition to the standard date display. The most common form of a day date display houses the date aperture in the noon position and the date at three o’clock.

Triple Calendar

This complication expands on the day date by adding the month of the year to the dial of the timepiece. Triple calendar watches have many different display positions that will vary based on the watch model.

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