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Four colored gems

The jewelry industry is a fascinating industry. I love diamonds and like most women, I would always enjoy another. I love great timepieces and there too, I always need to add to my collection. If I was to look at what really excites me, I would have to say great color gemstones. Now stop right there… for those who know me… I love diamonds and watches but there is something magical about color. Loose Black OpalWhether buying it for the showcases or for me personally, there is nothing more thrilling than finding a fabulous gemstone. Perhaps it’s because they are so diverse and so individually unique. The excitement of finding a 10 carat Burmese Sapphire that just glows, makes me giddy. Looking at a 5 carat Paraiba Tourmaline so clear and the color of Windex and knowing how rare and valuable it is. I can’t help but wonder, will I ever see one this spectacular again? These gems get imprinted in my head. I still remember the prettiest black Opal I have ever seen…it was 7 or 8 years ago now. What I love about color is that no two gems are truly the same and everyone sees something different. My husband and I both have a knack or a gift, or perhaps a combination of both, for buying color. We both have the ability to remember slight differences in hues, tones, and saturations from one to the next, and the ability to keep our tongues in our mouths and appear unfazed when we find the, “Oh my word, I can’t believe we found this gem of all gems, this is extraordinary, gemstone!” Yes, we do, do this. I pray we never lose this ability or excitement. This is the fun part, to see what we have seen over the years, to appreciate what we are looking at, to be able to present some client with the opportunity to own such a fabulous gem. Colored Gemstone JewelryOur industry is a fascinating industry. As I reflect on the old and dive into 2015 I am truly thankful for what I get to do and see. I love our business; I love our employees and I love our clients. Thank you to all of you who appreciate our efforts and allow us to continue to bring you the Extraordinary! Check in with me in February to see what I bring back from our latest gem buying trip.


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