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Colored gem

How do you find the right color gemstone? Use what you know about the 4C’s as a guide to making informed decisions when shopping for gemstone jewelry


The most important element when choosing a gemstone. Every gem has a unique color range. Generally speaking, the purest and most vivid color a gem can have will also be the most expensive due to the rareness of the gemstone’s rich color.


Next to color, this is the most important factor in beauty. Faceted gemstones should have a pleasing shape with lively display of color and light. There should be brilliance and scintillation evenly across the face of the gem and there shouldn’t be dark lifeless areas or washed-out zones.


If they don’t detract from appearance, clarity features also known as identifying characteristics are accepted in most colored gems. In fact, they provide a benefit by proving that the gem is natural.


Most colored gems are available in a wide range of sizes, but for some the selection is limited. For example it is common to see a 10 carat blue topaz, but a 10 carat fine Ruby is extremely rare – try a museum.

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