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Hoprah’s Favorite Things: Canine Counsel

Hoprah Canine Counsel


What do media mogul Oprah Winfrey and I have in common, aside from the fact that I added my H to the front of her name? We have a deep love and affection for dogs, and we both believe in promoting the power of positive training and top-tier products for our pets. I grew up with six house dogs and after being around them my entire life, I’ve picked up a few tips along the way that really work well. Dogs love to learn and love praise. Before they can become regulars at the store, Dan and I insist that they are well trained. – Hope


Training 101

There are several key training tactics that help my pups and I communicate our best. People often get frustrated with their dog, yet never put forth the effort to train them. Even with a lifetime of experience, I still enroll my dog in a two-month training class. My personal recommendation is Tails Up Dog Training. The class provides chaos that I can’t re-create in my home environment.

A dog needs to be able to listen both at home and in other environments full of new distractions. Nothing is worse than an untrained dog. A common mistake is inconsistent commands. The most misused or doubled up commands are “off” and “down.” Down is the position of laying on the floor. Off means get off the couch or get off of a person if they jump up on them.

Never use the kennel for punishment. The dog will associate the kennel as a negative place and will become upset when you need to use it. I have never had the cause to punish my dog more than shaking my finger and saying, “No!” A dog’s nose is very sensitive, so if you must further reprimand them, swat their behind and never their face or nose.

Stewart Dried Beef Liver

Stewart Freeze-Dried Beef Liver

My favorite treats are these freeze-dried beef liver snaps. They are awesome and save your hands from that typical greasy and smelly dog treat residue. They are chemical-free and the only ingredient is liver. There are no additives or preservatives. They are already dehydrated, so you don’t have to worry about them going bad, which is why we buy six tubs at a time.



Living in Minnesota, protecting our pups from tick and Lyme disease is an ongoing concern. Bravecto is a chewable tablet which provides coverage for three months from ticks and fleas. It’s also a clean application, unlike the greasy film from Frontline. We live on a farm, so this medicine is really put to the test. Bravecto is prescription only, so see your vet.


Wixon Boys CollarsOrvis Personalized Buckle Collars

Ever have a dog break a collar or be too impatient while you try to work the belt-style buckle? That’s why I love the Orvis dog collar; I have used them for over 15 years and never had a buckle break. I especially like the free embroidery because you can customize the color of the collar and thread to personalize it for your pup. I always have the dog’s name and our phone number embroidered on them. With a quick-release buckle and no noisy dangling tags, these are must have.

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