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Baume & Mercier is a classic brand that exceeds the expectations of the broad market with their timeless elegance. They have brilliantly produced luxury timepieces that retain a mass appeal. While many brands lay grandiose claims to historical lineages, there are very few who are able to back up the claim with an uninterrupted history of watchmaking like Baume & Mercier. They have a rich heritage with roots that can be traced back more than 180 years. Founded in 1830 by two brothers, Louis-Victor and Joseph-Celestin Baume, the company is the seventh oldest watch making company in existence today. Baume-et-Mercier-Logo A highly respected brand within the industry, the name Baume & Mercier is synonymous with quality. Baume & Mercier’s collections were designed as a way to celebrate life’s moments. They are great gifts for momentous events such as an important birthday or wedding, as well as celebrating personal achievements like a graduation or promotion.


Their newest collection, the Clifton, was inspired by vintage Baume & Mercier models from the 1950’s. The Clifton is truly a versatile collection with both manual-wind and automatic models ranging from 39mm to 43mm in stainless steel or 18k rose gold. The collection offers various timekeeping functions such as a complete calendar, chronograph, and dual time display. The Clifton collection was beautifully designed to perfectly match the classic tastes of today’s watch buyers.

Baume & Mercier Clifton 10052
Baume & Mercier Clifton 10055

Their current collections focus exclusively on classic and retro designs that retain a timeless appeal throughout the years. For a Swiss timepiece from an iconic and storied brand, Baume & Mercier’s collections are a great value for a Swiss watch.


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