Watch Repair

Watch Repair, Service & Restoration

Our in-house team of certified watchmakers specialize in a complete range of watch repair services and are capable of performing almost all repairs in our state-of-the-art service center. With decades of experience, our expert watchmakers know how to evaluate and repair luxury timepieces with precision and care.

Rolex Watch Repair Minneapolis Minnesota

In-House Expertise

Wixon’s team of experts includes three dedicated and highly-trained watchmakers with over 60 years of experience servicing luxury Swiss watch brands. All repairs are performed entirely in-house by our team to ensure your treasured timepiece is always in good hands.

Watch Repair in Minneapolis MN

State-of-the-art facility

Our on-site watch repair center is the most advanced facility in the Midwest and features the latest equipment and technological innovations used to service watches today. Our watchmakers receive regular training and work with state-of-the-art, technically superior equipment.

Rolex Authorized Watch Service Center Minneapolis Minnesota

Rolex Authorized Service Center

In 2018, our in-house watch repair center was certified by Rolex, making Wixon Jewelers one of only a select few Rolex Authorized Service Centers in the United States. We are proud to offer a full range of services for your Rolex watch, completed on-site by our three Rolex-trained watchmakers. This enables us to service our client’s watches to Rolex’s exacting standards right here on-site.

Our Watch Repair Services

Our watchmakers specialize in modern and vintage timepieces with the ability to service most major brands. We are capable of servicing everything from a simple battery change to a complete overhaul. It’s our mission to make your watch perform as well and look as good as the day you first slid it onto your wrist.

In-House Watch Repair Services:

Watch Battery Replacement in Minneapolis

Battery replacement

Our expert watch technicians can replace the battery in almost any watch brand and can have the job done in minutes while you wait.
Watch timekeeping Evaluation in Minneapolis

Timekeeping evaluation

Our expert watch technicians can replace the battery in almost any watch brand and can have the job done in minutes while you wait.
Watch Water Resistance Testing in Minneapolis MN

Water resistance testing

We evaluate the water resistance of watches up to 1,200 meters to ensure the integrity of your watch has been maintained.
Watch Repair and Polishing in Minneapolis

Bracelet and case polishing

We use specialty compounds and polishing equipment to clean and polish the case and bracelet of the timepiece to restore its factory finish.
Ultrasonic Watch Cleaning in Minneapolis Minnesota

Ultrasonic cleaning

Our ultrasonic cleaning machine and high-output steamer thoroughly remove any hidden dirt and grime to help ensure the longevity of the case and the bracelet.
Watch Sizing and Adjustments Minneapolis MN

Sizing, adjustments and replacement

Our staff can add or remove links, swap straps and make adjustments on the bracelet to ensure your timepiece rests comfortably on the wrist.
Watch Insurance Appraisals in Minneapolis

Insurance appraisals

A written watch appraisal provides you with a detailed description and replacement value of your timepiece that serves useful in insurance purposes.
Watch Crystal Replacement Service in Minneapolis

Crystal replacement

If you’ve broken your watch crystal, we have the ability to buff out scratches on acrylic crystals and can install almost any type of replacement crystal.
Watch Demagnetization Services in Minneapolis MN

Watch demagnetization

Magnetization is often the cause for stopped watches or inaccurate timekeeping and is quickly solved by our demagnetizer.
Watch Timing and Regulation Adjustment MN

Regulation and timing adjustments

Timekeeping adjustments are often needed in mechanical watches to facilitate proper function of the timepiece.

Comprehensive Watch Service

A complete service, or “overhaul,” is recommended every 3-5 years for manual-wind watches and every 5-7 years for automatic watches. During this process, our watchmakers inspect every facet of the watch’s movement, case and bracelet. A complete service at Wixon Jewelers includes…

Watch Service in Minneapolis
Watch Service Complete Disassembly
Watch Cleaning Services
Watch Replacement Parts Minneapolis
Watch Service Lubrication and Reassembly
Watch Timing Calibration Services in Minneapolis
Watch Polishing Service in Bloomington Minnesota
Watch Repair and Service in Minnesota
Watch Water Resistance Testing in Minneapolis
Watch Service and Repair in Minneapolis

Step 1

Personalized Diagnosis

Prior to service, the timepiece undergoes a thorough inspection process by our Watch Service Manager to evaluate the performance and aesthetics of the timepiece.

Step 2

Complete Disassembly

Our watchmakers begin by removing the bracelet and opening the case to remove the movement. The case and movement are then completely disassembled piece by piece.

Step 3

Movement Cleaning

With the movement fully dismantled, each individual component is ultrasonically cleaned in specially formulated solutions.

Step 4

Replacing Components

Our watchmakers closely examine each component to identify those requiring replacement. Any worn components are replaced using only genuine replacement parts.

Step 5

Reassembly & Lubrication

While reassembling the movement, each functional component is carefully lubricated using advanced synthetic lubricants to minimize friction and wear.

Step 6

Timing Calibrations

Our watchmakers meticulously adjust the balance wheel and electronically test its timing accuracy to ensure proper timekeeping precision.

Step 7

Polishing & Refinishing

Using specialty compounds and polishing equipment, our watchmakers meticulously refinish and polish the case and bracelet to restore its original luster.

Step 8

Case Reassembly

The case of the timepiece is carefully examined, all seals are replaced to ensure the integrity of its water resistance, and the case is reassembled.

Step 9

Water Resistance Testing

Consisting of a vacuum test, compression test and a condensation test, this process will reveal the presence of even the smallest amount of moisture inside the case.

Step 10

Final Quality Control

Rigorous quality checks are carried out and verified against manufacturing specifications to guarantee the highest standard of quality.

Wixon Watchmakers

It’s very rare to have three full-time expert watchmakers in one location, let alone a veteran group with decades of experience. Our expert watch technicians are always available for consultations and to assist in getting your timepiece looking and performing its very best.

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