GMT & Multiple Time Zones

Often times associated with aviation or the military, watches with multiple time zones are a perfect way to manage time in multiple areas of the world. These timepieces are extremely functional because they enable the wearer to quickly adjust and understand time while traveling. Watches with GMT functionality displays time in two or more time zones and are revered by pilots and traveling businessmen alike.


Watches with dual time zones have a high utility value by enabling the wearer to independently read two different time zones at a glance. Most will use it to display their home time zone as well as the local time for the place they are traveling. Pilots and military personnel will use this functionality to display Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) so they can easily report in 24-hour time.


Timepieces with world time functionality are great timepieces for international businessmen and world travelers because they simultaneously display the time in all 24 time zones. The outside of the dial features a rotating bezel with the major city in each time zone. This bezel corresponds with a 24-hour bezel, together showing for an organized display of the time in any time zone in the world.

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