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Ladies Twenty4 - Ref. 4910

Patek Philippe

The Twenty~4 collection of ladies watches was launched by Patek Philippe in 1999 as an adaptation of their Gondolo watches. They were designed to be an all-purpose everyday watch for women with active lifestyles. The Ref. 4910 features a stunning rectangular case set in 36 diamonds that run the length of each side of the case. The diamonds don't just adorn the case; they also continue onto the dial as hour markers. The case attaches to an equally-sized steel bracelet which completes the smooth lines of this women's watch.

The Patek Philippe Ref. 4910 is crafted in several styles:

  • 4910A-001: Forever Black dial, steel case & bracelet

  • 4910A-010: Eternal Gray dial, steel case & bracelet

  • 4910A-011: Timeless White dial, steel case & bracelet

  • 4910A-012: Blue sunburst dial, steel case & bracelet

  • 4910R-010: Chocolate Dream dial, rose gold case & bracelet

  • 4910R-011: Timeless White dial, rose gold case & bracelet

  • Wixon Jewelers is an authorized dealer of Patek Philippe timepieces

    Model No: Ref4910

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