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Radiomir Black Seal Logo (PAM380)

Officine Panerai

This bold timepiece is modeled after the first Panerai that was designed for the Royal Italian Navy in the late 1930s, combining this rich history with modern technology and innovation. The Radiomir was a stand-out timepiece because of the integrity in its case, the screw back and winding crown, allowing it to have an extensive level of water resistance. The incandescent paint used on the dial enabled the wearer to have maximum visibility even in less than desirable conditions.

The Radiormir Black Seal commands attention with its large 45mm case which houses the Panerai OP XI mechanical movement. The polished steel case is combined with a bold black dial covered by thick sapphire crystal, and a personalized black leather strap.

Wixon Jewelers is an authorized dealer of Panerai Watches

Model No: PAM380

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