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Linea 10072

Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier's collection of Linea watches is designed with the woman in mind. They took inspiration from ladies watches in the past that had a strong sense of femininity and added modern touches to create an elegant timepiece. The Linea is a timeless design that is accented by round and feminine lines. With the bracelet perfectly centered in the middle of the case, it accentuates the idea that a watch is for more than just telling time... it is an elegant piece of jewelry.

This watch has a unique feature for women who love to accessorize-- an interchangeable bracelet. This versatile function enables the wearer to change the entire look of the watch with ease, and without breaking a fingernail.

The 32mm steel case houses a quartz movement and the mother-of-pearl colored dial. The bezel of this ladies watch really separates it from others, with diamonds running the length of the bezel. The Linea comes with two strap options-- the steel bracelet and a black satin strap.

Wixon Jewelers is an authorized dealer of Baume & Mercier Watches.

Model No: 10072

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