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JewelryRetro Period


The highly collectible Retro period of jewelry began around the Great Depression and flickered out around 1950. Shortages and restrictions of the second World War were reflected in the modern and streamlined jewelry designs of the 1940s. Since platinum and base metal were needed for munitions manufacturing in the war, gold became the choice metal during the Retro era. The war didn’t just affect the metals used in jewelry, it also affected the choice of stones incorporated into these pieces. Diamonds and precious gems from Europe and Asia were blockaded by WWII, so large color gemstones as well as synthetic stones appeared in many Retro designs. The rise of multi-colored gold designs often featured a mix of yellow, red and green gold. Even with the restrictions of the war, American jewelers were able to create jewelry in the Retro period to boost the morale of every red-blooded American gal!

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