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Watch Trivia


It’s TIME to test your knowledge!

1. Which Rolex offers a second time zone function?
A. Rolex Explorer II
B. Rolex Sky-Dweller
C. Rolex GMT-Master II
D. All of the above

2. The Patek Philippe Henry Graves Jr Supercomplication sold at auction by Sotheby’s on November 12th, 2014 for what amount?
A. $4 million
B. $6 million
C. $8 million
D. $28 million

3. The leather and alligator watch straps for Parmigiani Fleurier are produced by which company?
A. Coach
B. Wilson
C. Hermes
D. Christian Louboutin

4. TUDOR was started by the founder of what other watch brand?
A. Seiko
B. Rolex
C. Patek Philippe
D. Breitling

5. Panerai’s use of “Black Seal” is in historic reference to what?
A. Italian Frogmen who wore black uniforms during WWII
B. Type of leather used for watch straps
C. Sticker that held the watch box closed in the 1930’s
D. Pet seal that lived in the factory warehouse

6. The Atmos clock by Jaeger LeCoultre is powered by a highly sensitive gas blend, Ethyl Chloride. A single degree of temperature variation will supply enough energy to power the Atmos for approximately how long?
A. 30 minutes
B. 1 hour
C. 12 hours
D. 48 hours

7. What is the current motto for Baume and Mercier?
A. The best a man can get
B. Because you’re worth it
C. Life is about moments
D. Betcha can’t eat just one

Answers: 1. D 2. D 3. C 4. B 5. A 6. D 7. C


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Watch Fair: Exclusive Sneak Peek

header-wf-eml-sneakpeek-blogThe Watch Fair is your opportunity to shop expanded collections from the top Swiss watch brands with special event pricing. The event also gives you the rare chance to see prototype timepieces and extremely rare, unreleased models. Enjoy this exclusive preview of a few of the specialty timepieces available this weekend only at The Watch Fair!




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From Inventions to Icons

jlc-inventions-to-iconsFor over 180 years, Jaeger LeCoultre has been creating visionary timepieces.

What is fine watchmaking if not the art of transforming small pieces of metal into mechanical marvels? While fairly prosaic, this definition is nonetheless revealing of the fact that the value of timepieces lies mostly in the many skills involved in their creation. That being said, Jaeger LeCoultre’s greatest treasure is immaterial. It is composed of the immense sum of technical knowledge, experience and skills shared by more than 1,000 people working within the manufacture.

Since 1833, watchmakers, artisans, engineers, technicians, artists, mechanics and other specialists at Jaeger LeCoultre have combined their talent, intelligence and creativity to create some of the finest and most complicated watches in the world. Each of their creations represents a concentrated blend of expertise and a powerful cultural symbol. Jaeger LeCoultre has fostered a heritage of invention, creativity and technical skill while continuing to push the envelope of horological prowess.


Their dedication to creativity was a major factor in the creation of the Reverso in 1931. While at a polo match at a British Officer’s club in India, Jacques David LeCoultre was challenged to create a watch that could withstand the rigors of the sport without the crystal breaking during play. Subsequently, he developed a rectangular case that could be flipped over to protect the crystal. Producing the simplest Reverso calls for 1,434 different operations. The case alone has 55 parts, making it the most complicated watch case available. If you have never seen one in action, this iconic Art Deco watch is a must see.
Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Lady in Yellow Gold


One of the most impressive and sought after complications in current production is the perpetual calendar. Jaeger LeCoultre took their passion for innovation and sought to create a movement that not only featured a perpetual calendar, but also fit in an extremely thin case. The result is the remarkably slender Master Ultra Thin Perpetual Calendar. This incredible timepiece allows the wearer to keep track of the time, day, date, week, month and year. Once set, the automatic watch will not need any adjustment until the year 2100. The perpetual calendar mechanism takes into account the length of each month and even accounts for leap years. Even with all the incredible features in this complicated movement, the Caliber 868 is thin enough to fit within a case that is just 9.22mm thick.



The Duomètre a Chronographe is a true work of art and it was made with watch lovers in mind. The partially skeletonized dial allows the wearer to truly enjoy the beauty of the inner workings viewable behind two separate power reserve indicators. Jaeger LeCoultre developed a Dual Wing system in which the movement separates the power going to the complications from the power that goes to indicating the time. What is most impressive and amusing to watch is the foudroyant function (also known as a split-second counter) at the six o’clock position on the dial. This function can count down time to 1/6th of a second, making a full revolution every second. The movement is completed in German Silver which allows the watch to take on a beautiful patina over time.
Duométre á Chronograph men's watch in Pink Gold by Jaeger LeCoultre
Overall, Jaeger LeCoultre is a brand that deserves far more recognition than they receive. It’s clear to see why Jaeger LeCoultre remains a favorite brand of watch enthusiasts. Whether you’re new to the world of haute horlogerie or an avid collector, Jaeger LeCoultre is the perfect mix of luxury and value.

Fostering the Future

Perpetuating their grand tradition, Jaeger LeCoultre promotes the passing on of knowledge. The manufacture also serves as a school, an academy of rare professions that is a breeding ground for fresh talents and a crucible of new innovations. Their training center and its many workshops welcome a number of apprentice watchmakers, as well as technicians seeking to hone their knowledge or to learn new special skills.

With an exceptional body of developmental resources, production facilities and expertise, Jaeger LeCoultre is able to give life to the wildest projects. They seek to rediscover all but extinct skills such as miniature enameling while implementing new technologies. Jaeger LeCoultre proudly builds on the past in shaping its future.


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Horological Artistry

starrynight2Jaeger LeCoultre has been delighting connoisseurs of fine watchmaking since its founding in 1833. The inventive spirit of the founder, Antoine LeCoultre, lives on through the talent and inspiration of the artisans at Jaeger LeCoultre whom create collections that are as surprising as they are sophisticated. A testament to this creative passion is the Master Grande Tradition à Répétition Minutes, which exemplifies the powerful ties cultivated by the manufacture’s rare and exceptional skills. This remarkable creation combines the genius of Van Gogh with the richness of the minute repeater function.

1349089-png-crop-full-highAGELESS ARTISTRY

The inherent appeal of the Master Grande Tradition à Répétition Minutes is magnificently enhanced by the presence of a miniature enamel painting on its dial paying an eloquent tribute to Van Gogh’s Starry Night Over the Rhône. Stroke by stroke, a master enamellist reproduced the heart of this iconic masterpiece and the magic of Van Gogh’s night sky in minute detail onto the dial. Each color is applied with painstaking detail and must be fired in a kiln and cooled before proceeding. After countless hours of meticulous work, the timeless intensity of the deep, dark colors is sealed by Grand Feu enamel. This time-honored decorative art captures the depth and allure of the full-scale painting on a miniature scale with intense hues. Since each dial is painted by hand, every single dial is unique. By slightly tilting the timepiece under any source of light, a range of color variations and unsuspected nuances are revealed.


Wielding brushes as thin as a needles, enamellists embody the artistry of an expert painter with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker.


The intricate dial and impressive movement are housed in a 39mm pink gold case. An optimal choice for case material, pink gold resonates acoustics better than any other metal. The case and bezel have been delicately worked to allow the beauty of the sound and the visual spectacle to develop to its fullest without disturbance. Endowed with major innovations including trebuchet hammers and crystal gongs, the minute repeater produces a pure, rich sound with great intensity. The steady, lingering notes are a delight to the ears. The model is suited for lovers of art and music, and presented in a limited series of 18 pieces. 


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Horological Heirlooms

heirlooms2A watch isn’t simply a method of telling time. The tradition of handing down your timepiece is a symbolic rite of passage between generations. He will remember the good times you had every time he looks at his wrist.

Purchasing a watch is never a small decision. Whether it’s your first or fifteenth, selecting the perfect timepiece takes careful consideration. It’s more than just the material or the brand-name; it’s how it looks, how it feels. It’s a reflection of who you are and what you’ve accomplished. It’s an extension of you—both in form and function. Purchasing a watch is always an exciting and emotional event, and the same feelings can be experienced by your son or daughter when you decide to pass it on.

The tradition of handing down jewelry has existed for many centuries. Family matriarchs will often pass down diamonds and jewelry to their sons, daughters and grandchildren for a birthday or milestone. But unlike rings and necklaces, many luxury watches display a classic elegance that is always in style. Pair this with the ability to be easily maintained for many years, and a mechanical watch becomes the perfect future-proof fashion accessory.

You loved the watch enough to make a sizable investment in it, and the same can be said about that young man or woman in your life. Handing down a watch you’ve treasured is so much more than a gift, because it’s a piece of you and a piece of your family’s lineage; a rite of passage to celebrate your child’s graduation, wedding, promotion, or other achievement.

Think about when you first acquired the watch… What made this piece special? What was the occasion? Perhaps it was engraved or worn during a major world event. All these details add to the sentiment of the occasion. A great way to enhance this memory is by including a photo of the watch being worn with a handwritten note. In reciting your experiences while handing it down, the door is opened for you to select your next watch guilt-free.

Special occasions are always appropriate opportunities to give an heirloom to its heir, but there is never a bad time to start this custom. With the right tool, family stories and traditions can live on forever, and that very tool just happens to be up your sleeve.


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Patek: By The Numbers


patek-philippe-dame-calibre-2403-5 Years

It takes three to five years of research to develop a new model. Exceptional pieces like the Caliber 89 require up to nine years.

9 of 10 Timepieces

Of the top ten most expensive watches ever sold at auction, nine of the ten are Patek Philippes. This impressive list includes the Ref. 1527 which sold for $5,708,883 at Christie’s in 2010.

80+ Patents

Patek Philippe has received over 80 patents for its inventions, many of which have inspired the horological community.

Patek-Philippe-owners176 Years

Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe is the last remaining family-owned independent watch manufacturer. They recently celebrated their 175th anniversary in grand fashion.

(Pictured: Philippe and Thierry Stern)

1,035 Employees

The number of Patek employees involved in the production of one timepiece.

1,200 Hours

On average, each timepiece runs for 1,200 hours while it is tested and inspected before leaving the workshop. It is not delivered until it thoroughly fulfills what are agreed to be the most stringent requirements in the entire industry.



The selling price of the Supercomplication Pocket Watch at Sothebys in 2014, breaking Patek’s own previous world record as the most expensive timepiece ever sold.


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All Wound Up

Have you ever noticed how “garage kept” cars retain their value better and sell for higher dollar values? The same is true with watches—think of a watch winder as the garage for your fine timepiece. A winder is an essential tool for owning and maintaining an automatic watch. The winder protects it from everyday elements such as dust and moisture, and extends the overall life of fine automatic watches by keeping parts lubricated and moving.

Double-Watch-Winder_6394Considered a maintenance tool, a watch winder is a mechanical device that keeps your watch in top-notch working condition. These mechanical devices are used to safely store watches while continuously winding them. Starting and stopping as needed, the winder rotates the watch over a set time period to keep your timepiece accurate and fully wound. By advancing the mainspring, it gently and continually winds the watch, yet prevents your watch from ever being “over wound.” Quality watch winders keep your timepiece accurate so whenever you take it out of the winder compartment, it is set and ready to be worn.

SingleWindersAvailable in a variety of sizes and aesthetic options, watch winders can vary greatly in appearance. Some resemble cubes of beautiful polished and inlaid wood, while others have a glass top that acts as a display window while keeping it protected. Watch winders are available in various capacities from a single winder to a winder that holds hundreds of watches! If you own an automatic watch and want it set, ready to wear and safely stored while you are not wearing it, a winder is worthy investment.


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Complicated Calendar

patek5396-2Patek Philippe’s Ref. 5396 Annual Calendar

This annual calendar Patek Philippe is simply a work of art. The Ref. 5396 reflects the signature dial architecture of Patek Philippe calendar watches from the 1940s and 1950s. It features a classic inline double-aperture displaying day and month, with an additional aperture in the six o’clock position to display the date. From the perfectly placed month and day windows to the aperture displaying the moonphase, it is one of the most elegant watches available.
Patek Philippe Ref. 5396 Annual Calendar Rose Gold

Set It and Forget It

So, what is an annual calendar? It is a mechanical function of the watch which adjusts the date based on the number of days in the month, ensuring that the proper date is displayed. This means that the watch only needs to be set once per year, rather than at the beginning of every month. Pretty impressive, right? What is even more impressive is that the moonphase function keeps track of the lunar cycle for up to 122 years without adjustment!

Patek Philippe Ref. 5296G Men's Watch
Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Moonphase Men's Watch

Mechanical Masterpiece

This watch is completely mechanical, meaning that it functions through a series of tiny components working together to power the watch rather than a battery. It winds while you are wearing it—the movement of your wrist throughout the day provides the power.

This mechanical masterpiece is housed in a 38.5mm case with a sapphire crystal case-back that allows you to see the movement through the back of the case. The case is completed in your choice of solid 18k white gold or 18k rose gold. Additionally, it is available on a full metal bracelet or a sleek alligator strap.

Patek Philippe is known as the world’s most prestigious watch brand. As the saying goes, “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.” We would love to help you start your own tradition by helping you find the perfect Patek Philippe!


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The Underwater Overachiever

paneraiOfficine Panerai has grown significantly in popularity in the last decade and has established themselves as an elite manufacturer of luxury watches. Their first wristwatch was introduced in the 1930’s as a tool for elite naval divers but their horologic roots began several years earlier. It all began in 1860 when Giovanni Panerai opened a retail shop in Florence, Italy selling watches and clocks. During these early years, Panerai became a major supplier of parts to the Swiss watch industry and also opened up a watch making school.
Officine Panerai LogoBy the early part of the 1900’s Panerai had established itself as major supplier of instruments, devices, and equipment to the Royal Italian Navy. When the Navy needed precise, water resistant and durable instruments for its elite diving team, it was Panerai that was able to fill this need.


In 1910 Panerai invented Radiomir, a radium-based luminous substance, and it would forever change the way their instruments would be used. This substance was applied to the dials enabling them to be easily legible even in the dark and murky waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The earliest Panerai watches housed Rolex movements and only about 300 pieces were produced between the 1930’s and 1990’s. These pieces were military issue only and were supplied to the Italians, Germans, Egyptians, and Israelis.

Panerai_HumanTorpedoFearless Frogmen: Riding on submersible torpedoes, the commandos were the protagonists of epic endeavours. On their wrists, they wore the precision and luminescence of Panerai watches.

In 1997, Panerai shifted their production from producing instruments solely for the military to the production of luxury watches. They made great strides within a matter of years and in 2005 Panerai released their first in-house movement, validating them as one of only a handful of true Swiss watch manufacturers. Today, over 70% of Panerai watches contain one of their masterful in-house movements. Their deep roots as a military instrument are still apparent in the design and features of their newest timepieces.

Every Panerai is numbered and produced in limited quantities making them highly desirable by collectors. Collectability aside, they are a great watch brand to own and a lot of fun to talk about. Panerai has earned a lot of esteem within the industry and with watch lovers alike. They even have a cult-like following of raving fans and enthusiasts known as Paneristi.


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TUDOR: Birth of a Brand

TudorThe TUDOR Watch Company was started in 1946 by Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf under the ideal of creating a watch that offered the same quality features and dependability of Rolex at a more accessible price-point. Wilsdorf named this new company “TUDOR” and featured a decorative rose as part of its logo to pay homage to the Tudor period of England. In the beginning, Rolex helped launch TUDOR watches into the world but TUDOR quickly found their niche and built a name for themselves built on their creative design aesthetics.

Forging Their Legend

Throughout TUDOR’s history, they have been committed to creating a timepiece that is not only stylish but also possess technical design and functionality. They have managed to find a harmonious balance between elegance and performance with their watches. The chic design of TUDOR watches has a refined retro feel with a modern twist. TUDOR offers a diverse lineup of watches that satisfy a wide range of personalities, from rugged dive watches cast in titanium to elegant 18k gold dress watches.

Their commitment to style and performance has led them to be the Official Timing Partner of Ducati as well as the FIA World Endurance Championship. With strong ties to racing, it’s no wonder many of TUDOR’s watches are equipped with technical features such as a chronograph.

Big News From Basel

TUDOR surprised the luxury watch industry this year with the announcement that they will produce their own in-house watch movements that are 100% Swiss made. Moving TUDOR into the next level of watch making expertise, this decision further diversifies TUDOR as a brand and deepens their appeal with watch enthusiasts. Two movements have already been introduced; one in the newly released and much anticipated North Flag and the second has found a home in the ever-popular Pelagos.

Tudor-PelagosTUDOR Pelagos
Tudor-North-Flag-StrapTUDOR North Flag

(PICTURED AT TOP) A magnificent example of a tool watch, the Pelagos is one of the most Complete traditional mechanical divers’ watches available today. Presented in two color combinations, the Pelagos now features TUDOR’s new in-house movement—the Manufacture TUDOR MT5612.


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