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A Complicated Carillon

Officine Panerai sought inspiration for their newest exclusive creation from their own history and the nautical tradition of marking the passage of time by a ship’s bell. In the maritime environment, the striking of a bell played an essential part of life on board: it served to rouse the crew in the morning, to summon the sailors for meals and to indicate the end of each watch. It was also used to warn of danger, to convene an assembly or to indicate the presence of the ship to others when visibility was restricted by fog. These traditions are beautifully embodied by the special tones and chimes of Panerai’s new and exceptional Special Edition timepiece, the Radiomir 1940 Minute Repeater Carillon Tourbillon GMT.

A Masterful Movement

The result of four years of research and development in Panerai’s state-of-the-art manufacture, the PAM600 is the most complicated timepiece ever created by Officine Panerai. For this timepiece, Panerai developed the P.2005/MR, a hand-wound movement with a remarkable tourbillon regulator that is perpendicularly mounted and rotates every 30 seconds for remarkable precision. The movement can be admired from both the front and the back of the watch thanks to the sophisticated work of skeletonization, which is also helpful to enhance the acoustic performance of the repeater.

Chiming Time

The PAM600 features a decimal repeater, which works similar to a minute repeater but it will chime the number of ten-minute intervals rather than quarter hours. Utilizing three hammers instead of the usual two hammers found in most repeaters, three different sounds are combined so that the carillon can play a melody like that of a bell. Even more impressive, the repeater function is a dual repeater that can be activated for both local time and a second time zone, enabling it to chime the hours and minutes for two different time zones. The quality of the sound propagated by the minute repeater is further enhanced by the material and construction of the 49mm red gold case. Soldered together by two halves, the case’s construction enables empty spaces inside the case to be optimized for quality acoustics and a harmonious tone from the repeater.


Created as a special edition, this timepiece is made-to-order and can be customized for our clients. Panerai has anticipated the possibility of personalization, which includes not only the choice of strap, but also the hands or other aesthetic elements. The Radiomir 1940 Minute Repeater Carillon Tourbillon GMT is unlike any other Panerai we’ve seen, and with the opportunity for customization, your timepiece can truly be one-of-a-kind.


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Wrist Racer: The Bugatti Aerolithe Performance

Sharing its DNA with the mysterious Bugatti Type 57 Aerolithe, the Bugatti Aerolithe Performance is Parmigiani Fleurier’s newest watch born from their partnership with the legendary automaker. Unveiled in 1935, the Bugatti Aerolithe was created from a new magnesium alloy that was lightweight but very brittle and extremely flammable. Needless to say, this model was quickly withdrawn but its iconic design remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Parmigiani Fleurier.

Parmigiani Bugatti AerolitheThe double tachometer is a nod to the world of high-speed pursuits, with km/h indications in red and mph in blue in reference to the signature Bugatti colors. This new model adds a rich and textured dial created by techniques only achievable through use of laser technology. The Bugatti Aerolithe Performance is driven by Parmigiani’s PF335 automatic movement equipped with a flyback chronograph and masterfully decorated with Côtes de Genève.

Rather than crafting the bezel in white gold like previous models, the Bugatti Aerolithe Performance features a high-polished titanium bezel. Although titanium is rarely finished to a high shine, this case showcases both mirror polished and satin brushed titanium surfaces that provide an exceptional contrast.

Not only is this newly released model inspired by the past, it captures the essence of the modern Bugatti as well. Strengthening the link between Parmigiani and Bugatti, the handsome leather strap bears a remarkably similar embossed pattern to the seats of the new Bugatti Chiron. While only a handful of drawings and photographs of the automobile exist, this timepiece pays homage to the lost but not forgotten automotive pioneer.


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Defying Gravity: The Duomètre Sphérotourbillon

Whether it be the effects of gravity on the Earth or the impact on a watch’s precision when a complication is activated, Jaeger LeCoultre invented its own solutions when creating the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon. Long considered as a masterpiece of Haute Horlogerie, the tourbillon mechanism was first invented in 1795 for the practical purpose of creating a more accurate pocket watch. By continuously rotating the escapement and balance wheel in a cage along a single axis, the effects of gravity are counteracted. Jaeger LeCoultre brought a new level of complication with its Sphérotourbillon which, due to its unique spherical shape, can counteract gravity at any angle.

Two Axes Are Better Than One

The Duomètre Sphérotourbillon houses a tourbillon that rotates on two axes with a cylindrical balance spring. Instead of the classic in-and-out motion of a coiled spring, this one creates an up-and-down pulsation. The tourbillon itself is set within a titanium cage that is mounted on a second axis at a 20-degree angle. The inner rotation of the tourbillon takes place on a 30 second scale while the outer rotation is a 15 second scale. Watching the Sphérotourbillon at work is mesmerizing to say the least. All in all, this little mechanism is made of 105 parts with most of them being titanium.

Uncompromising Precision

Peer through the sapphire crystal case back of this well-sized 42mm case and you will see a beautifully finished German Nickel Silver movement that is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive movements to gaze upon. Designed to patina throughout the life of the watch, the beauty of the movement will gradually evolve over time. Also visible is the “dual-wing” concept with two separate barrels with individual power reserves. While one barrel provides power to the timekeeping portion of the watch, the other powers the Sphérotourbillon. The concept was designed so the watch can maintain a very high level of accuracy without losing power due to the complication. Each barrel holds a 50-hour power reserve with power reserve indicators on the front of the dial.

While some watch manufactures put out extremely limited edition ultra-complicated movements that are on the cutting edge of technology, there are very few companies that have run them through the rigorous 1,000-hour test that Jaeger LeCoultre has. They have put the time and research into making a robust movement that will continue to perform under some of the harshest conditions. Created by a long-standing pillar of the watchmaking industry, the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon is a true marvel of modern technology harkening back to the early days of Haute Horlogerie.


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With This Watch, I Thee Wed


Each gift of jewelry tells a story of love and celebration. For hundreds of years, men have presented their bride-to-be with a ring as a gift to celebrate their engagement. While the tradition of the engagement ring as a token of the man’s affection for his bride dates back to the 13th century, there hasn’t been an established tradition for her to show how much he means to her. Doesn’t the man also deserve something unique, sentimental and timeless? Many brides want to do something special for their beau as a way to celebrate their engagement. This can be a difficult task for brides; often she is as lost in her search as he was when he first started looking for her engagement ring.

Today it’s quite common for the woman to give her husband a token that is as beautiful as her ring and can be cherished forever. Enter the “wedding watch.” The gift of a fine timepiece to celebrate an engagement is a thoughtful, more modern tradition for today’s groom. After all, how many flasks, key chains, and money clips does one guy really need? This is the gift that highlights his personality, and showcases the individuality of the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. A fine timepiece is something that he will wear every day; a token of your love and affection that will always remind him of you, even in the simplest moments like checking the time.

A Timeless Treasure

The key to selecting the right watch is to ensure that it is versatile enough to last a lifetime, one he can wear casually but can also adorn his wrist on special occasions. As a memorable gift for your husband-to-be, a watch is a handcrafted statement of love that will be a treasured family heirloom. This watch will become something that your husband can pass down to your son or grandson, and be proudly worn for generations.

Imagine capturing the exact second in time that you met, the weekend that you introduced him to your family, or most importantly, the first time he finally picked up the tab. That moment does not need to be fleeting. By engraving the timepiece with a special date, nickname, or message, you can eternalize your love on the back of the watchcase. Engraving a special message is always complimentary with any watch purchase.

A Proper Presentation

Lucky for you, presenting your husband with his watch doesn’t require getting down on one knee like a proposal. Whether it’s a quiet and intimate moment shared between the two of you, or a more public display in front of friends and family, there are several great options for presenting him with this mechanical masterpiece. A popular option is during the rehearsal dinner, where it would not only be a surprise to him, but everyone else involved. Otherwise, you could create a special and private rendezvous between the ceremony and reception, before your grand re-entrance as husband and wife. Another great option would be the following morning just before you’re whisked away to your exotic honeymoon location. The options are endless!

Sophisticated and timeless, a fine timepiece is the perfect engagement present for your husband-to-be. It will be something that will remind him of you every morning as he smiles when he puts it on his wrist. It is a memento that reflects the emotional meaning of your union, a proper symbol of your lives progressing together, and even more, it’s just a really cool gift.


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The Best of Patek Philippe from Baselworld 2017

Patek Philippe at Baselworld 2017With an uninterrupted legacy of 178 years of creating the finest watches in the world, Patek Philippe knows a thing or two about how to excite connoisseurs of fine watchmaking. Each March, as the world’s preeminent watch brands assemble at Baselworld to unveil their brilliant new creations, we can’t help but get giddy with excitement over each new announcement. With so many fascinating debuts, it’s hard to choose… but here are a few of our favorite releases from Patek at Baselworld 2017.

Calatrava – Ref. 6006G

One of the unique Baselworld releases from Patek Philippe was their Calatrava Ref. 6006 which will replace the Ref. 6000 series that were originally released at Baselworld in 2005. This new debut retains many of the beloved features of the Ref. 6000 while incorporating some updated aesthetic elements.

The classic white gold case was enlarged from 37mm to a 39mm case, creating a more prominent stature on the wrist with its larger dial. The dial incorporates a fresh look in ebony black with skeletonized baton-style hands and a new analog date hand with a red arrow pointing directly to the date. Powered by a caliber 240 PS C movement, the Calatrava Ref. 6006G pays homage to the 40th anniversary of Patek Philippe’s acclaimed caliber 240 movement. With its design components subtly reworked, the Ref. 6006G breathes new life into the Calatrava collection with its sleek and striking elegance.
Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref. 6006G

» Watch Details: Patek Philippe – Ref. 6006G

Ladies’ World Time – Ref. 7130G

Patek Philippe also released a visual update of their Ladies’ World Time Ref. 7130, with a bright and beautiful color. The new 7130G features a captivating peacock blue dial and is completed with a matching alligator strap. Accentuated with over a carat of diamonds, the striking color of this timepiece is wonderfully complimented by the sparkle of perfectly set diamonds in the bezel and buckle.

Not only is this timepiece absolutely stunning, it is also incredibly functional. The world time function displays the time around the world at a glance by simultaneously displaying a 24-hour indication of the current time in each time zone. Fitted with a caliber 240 HU, the Ref. 7130G is powered by the same automatic movement that is behind most of Patek Philippe’s world time watches. Illuminated by diamonds, the delicate guilloche dial paired with soft peacock blue makes this timepiece unapologetically feminine.

Patek Philippe Ladies World Time Ref. 7130G

» Watch Details: Patek Philippe – Ref. 7130G

Aquanaut – Ref. 5168G

Paying tribute to the 20th anniversary of the Aquanaut, Patek Philippe released a bold new look for the collection: the Aquanaut Ref. 5168G. Fitted with a 40mm steel case and a black dial, the original Aquanaut was the archetype of a sports watch. The Ref. 5168G is the first Aquanaut in 18k white gold and, with a 42.2mm case, it boasts the largest case size ever seen in the line. Its warmer hue clearly sets itself apart from stainless steel and although the case was enlarged, the proportions and iconic styling elements remain intact.

This is also the first time that an Aquanaut has been available with a blue dial or strap option. Playing off of the Aquanaut’s classic black dial, the new Ref. 5168G features an embossed dial that graduates in color from night blue to black along the edges. This new release is sure to be a hit amongst fans and collectors and is a fitting tribute as we celebrate 20 years of the exceptionally successful and sporty Aquanaut collection.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Ref. 5168G

» Watch Details: Patek Philippe – Ref. 5168G

Annual Calendar Chronograph – Ref. 5960/01G

One of the big surprises at Baselworld this year was the unveiling of Patek Philippe’s popular annual calendar chronograph, Ref. 5960, with a white gold case on a leather strap. The 5960 collection has seen several visual iterations over the years including the 5960P in platinum, the 5960/1A in steel, and now is available for the first time in white gold.

Borrowing some styling cues from the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Ref. 5524G, the new Ref. 5960/01G has a much sportier vibe with a textured blue dial and a brown calf leather strap. White and red hands provide a wonderful contrast against the underscored blue dial, which really rounds out the sporty look of this timepiece. A more subtle difference is the updated chronograph control, which now feature guilloche pushers that were inspired by vintage Patek models. The Ref. 5960/01G combines a sporty look with a slight vintage feel to create a fascinating new introduction from Patak Philippe.

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Ref. 5960/01G on a Strap

» Watch Details: Patek Philippe – Ref. 5960/01G

Men’s Chronograph – Ref. 5170P

Another beautiful offering from Baselworld was a new version of Patek Philippe’s classic men’s Chronograph Ref. 5170, which is now available in platinum for the first time. Fitted with a 39.4mm platinum case, the Ref. 5170P was clearly made to be a dress watch first with the added benefit of a chronograph function.

Its blue sunburst dial graduates in color from blue to black, offering a bold new vision for the classic chronograph. The elegance of the timepiece is undeniable with its platinum case and the incorporation of baguette diamond hour markers to replace the Breguet numerals on the dial. The latest in a legacy of great manually wound, two-register chronograph timepieces, the Ref. 5170P is a powerful combination of functionality and elegance.

Patek Philippe Chronograph Ref. 5170P in Platinum

» Watch Details: Patek Philippe – Ref. 5170P

The Art of Watches Grand Exhibition: July 13-23

Baselworld brought a flurry of excitement for Patek Philippe’s newest creations but there was also a lot of hype surrounding their massive upcoming public exhibition. The Art of Watches Grand Exhibition will take place from July 13-23, 2017 at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York. The 10-day event will showcase Patek Philippe’s tradition of high-precision watch manufacturing, an insight into the company’s 178-year history as well as its heritage in the domain of Haute Horologerie. Encompassing over 13,000 square feet, The Art of Watches grants visitors access to exceptional collections of pocket and wrist watches dating back to 1530. The best part of all… the exhibition is free and open to the general public! Visit The Art of Watches Grand Exhibition for more information and event details.


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The Cobra Strikes

Baume & Mercier's Capeland CobraAutomotive legend Carroll Shelby changed the course of international racing forever when he set out to redefine the essence of the American sports car. What he created a half-century ago was an all-American street and track car that would forever live in infamy: the Shelby Cobra. Faster, lighter and more nimble then its European competitors, the Cobra was the catalyst that would soon restore the prestige of American racing. Honoring the spirit of Carroll Shelby, Baume & Mercier has released a new series of limited edition chronographs that are inspired by one of the most successful Cobras in history, the Shelby Cobra CSX2128.

Baume & Mercier's Capeland CobraMuch like the car it’s modeled after, the Capeland Cobra is rich with detail and personality. The 44mm polished and satin-finished case was designed to mirror the flared style of the Cobra’s aerodynamic body lines. Even with its generous case size, Baume & Mercier couldn’t exactly fit a small block V8 inside to power this impressive timepiece so they went with the next best thing. At the heart of the Capeland Shelby Cobra is a Swiss-made automatic movement with chronograph and tachymeter functions.

Recognizing the year of the Cobra’s first victory at the American championship, this emblematic timepiece is created in a limited production of 1,963 pieces. As a final tribute, the sapphire crystal caseback is inscribed with the number 15, the Cobra 289’s race number. Without a doubt, this watch embodies the legendary performance of the Cobra, as well as the uncompromising detail of Carroll Shelby himself.

Baume & Mercier's Capeland Cobra
Baume & Mercier's Capeland Cobra

Attention to Detail

  1. Special hour and minute hands were crafted in the style and shape of the Cobra’s steering wheel.
  2. The deep black dial is highlighted by dual horizontal racing stripes that are as elegant as they are historic.
  3. The iconic Cobra logo is forged into the central chronograph hand, symbolizing the timeless pursuit of speed.
  4. Modeled after the Cobra’s historic dashboard, the dial features asymmetrical chronograph counters.


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The Hottest Watches from SIHH 2017

Held in Geneva, Switzerland each January, the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) is the first of the two major world exhibitions for the Swiss watch industry. Thousands of media personnel, collectors and retailers storm Switzerland for the first glimpse at the latest innovations in watchmaking. The event creates a flurry of excitement for watch enthusiasts eager to see what their favorite brands will announce and what will be the hot, new watches for the coming year.

While Baselworld retains claim as the largest event each year, don’t let the unassuming exterior of Geneva’s Palexpo fool you… what lies inside is an oasis of haute horology. Explore this recap to discover some of our favorite pieces from SIHH 2017 that represent the newest releases in modern watchmaking.

Baume & Mercier Clifton Clifton Club

The Clifton Club is an entirely new collection for Baume & Mercier that features a classic style blended with sporty aesthetics and a pop of color. This sporty collection is a great compliment to Baume & Mercier’s existing offerings of more classically traditional designs. Available in five versions, the Clifton Club is a great option for men looking for a multipurpose, stylish sports watch.

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Baume & Mercier Clifton Shelby CobraClifton Club Shelby Cobra

Baume & Mercier continues their relationship with Shelby in 2017 with a new limited edition collection of Shelby-themed timepieces—the Clifton Club Shelby Cobra. This new collection features an entirely new case design and two new movement options. The Clifton Club Shelby Cobra is available in two versions, fitted with either a self-winding chronograph or a flyback chronograph movement.

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Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Logo

Geophysic Tourbillon Universal Time

Following the release of the Geophysic Universal Time in 2015, Jaeger LeCoultre has upped the ante this year by adding a flying tourbillon. The Geophysic Tourbillon Universal Time is the first timepiece to feature both a flying tourbillon and a world time function. Cased in platinum, this impressive timepiece is visually captivating and limited to 100 pieces.

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» Watch Details: Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Geophysic Tourbillon

Interchangable Bracelet for the Geophysic

The Geophysic Tourbillon Universal Time wasn’t the only announcement from the brand at SIHH regarding their Geophysic collection. Jaeger LeCoultre also announced that the Geophysic True Second and Geophysic Universal Travel Time will now be available on a new interchangeable bracelet. The size of the bracelet can be quickly adjusted and it features a patent-pending lever system that allows the bracelet to be swapped for a strap quickly and easily without the use of a tool.

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Master Control Collection with Sector Dials

Celebrating the Master Control collection’s 25th anniversary, Jaeger LeCoultre released special edition timepieces of the Master Control Date, Chronograph and Geographic models. The existing versions are enriched with vintage inspiration including a two-tone sector dial, light blue accents and skeletonized baton hands. These design elements are sure to appeal to those who enjoy a vintage touch in their timepieces.

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Jaeger LeCoultre Duo CollectionDuométre Collection

One of Jaeger LeCoultre’s most complex collections, the Duométre collection, is receiving a fresh look. The Sphérotourbillon, Quantième Lunaire and Chronographe models now feature magnetite grey dials framed in a 42mm pink gold case. This new interpretation further enhances the Duométre’s appeal with its masterful complications, unique style and exceptional movement design.

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Rendez-Vous Night & Day Large

Jaeger LeCoultre’s elegant and refined Rendez-Vous collection of ladies watches is getting larger! In addition to the ever-popular 34mm case size, the Rendez-Vous Night & Day will now be available in a larger 38.5mm case. The collection is available in steel or yellow gold, with or without diamond accents.

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Officine Panerai Logo

Panerai LAB ID Tech
Panerai LAB ID Tech


At SIHH this year, Panerai announced their newest and most advanced timepiece to date, the LAB-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech 3 Days (PAM700). Centered around a 49mm Carbotech case, this impressive timepiece is crafted from high-tech materials and boasts a 50-year guarantee. The use of these innovative materials has reduced friction to a minimum, enabling the movement to require no oil or lubrication of any kind. To create an extremely dark black appearance, the dial is coated with carbon nanotubes which practically absorb all light that hits the dial.

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Panerai BMG Tech
Panerai BMG Tech


Another unique innovation was announced by Panerai at SIHH 2017, a new revolutionary material called BMG-TECH. The name stands for Bulk Metallic Glass which is a material made from a special glass-like alloy that is very light, high strength and has an extreme resistance to wear. While BMG-TECH doesn’t seem drastically different in appearance, the material is harder and lighter than steel, and is incredibly resistant to external shocks and magnetic fields. Panerai’s Luminor Submersible 1950 BMG-TECH 3 Days (PAM692) will be the first mechanical watch created with this revolutionary material.

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Parmigiani Men's Watch Logo

Tonda 1950 Steel

Previously only offered in precious metals, Parmigiani Fleurier’s Tonda 1950 collection will now be available with a stainless steel case. At 40mm, the steel version is slightly larger than the precious metal versions and is available with a black or white dial. The timepiece features a PF702 automatic movement with a 48-hour power reserve which can be admired through the sapphire case-back.

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Toric Chronometre

Parmigiani Fleurier’s Toric collection has always been synonymous with high-complication timepieces, with these models historically possessing minute repeater functions. At SIHH, Parmigiani unveiled the Toric Chronometre, a COSC-certified chronometer with date. While it retains the signature style of the collection, the aesthetic of the Toric Chronometre is more understated and streamlined. The Toric Chronometre is available in four different versions—a white or red gold case paired with either a black or white dial.

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Bugatti Aerolithe

Parmigiani unveiled a new version of their popular Bugatti Aerolithe timepiece with some exciting aesthetic updates. Designed to pay homage to the 1935 Bugatti Aerolithe Coupe, this timepiece is filled with beautiful details that are reminiscent of the design of the car. Equipped with a flyback chronograph, the Bugatti Aerolithe Performance uses the same PF335 automatic movement as the previous version. There is a nod to the world of high-speed pursuits in the double tachometer, which has km/h indications in red and mph in blue in reference to Bugatti’s signature colors.

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A Modern Amalgamation

tudor-blackbay-headerTHE HERITAGE BLACK BAY

TUDOR’s heritage of diving watches began with the launch of the TUDOR Submariner Reference 7922 in 1954. This iconic timepiece laid the foundation for an ideal diver’s watch—one that was ergonomic, legible and accurate. Over the next sixty years, TUDOR made constant improvements to their dive watches. Each model gained unanimous approval from professionals in the field, including the Marine Nationale and the United States Navy.

In recent years, some of the most important references in TUDOR’s history have been reworked within the Heritage line. At Baselworld 2012, TUDOR released the Heritage Black Bay in red; a modern, reimagined version of the iconic TUDOR Submariner. Far from simply being an identical re-release of a classic watch, the Heritage Black Bay was the culmination of the very best elements from TUDOR’s historic dive watch models.

The general lines, domed crystal and dial on the Heritage Black Bay were inspired by the first TUDOR diving watches. It features snowflake hands from TUDOR watches used by the French National Navy in the 1970s and an oversized winding crown (known as “big crown”) that pays homage to the famous TUDOR Reference 7924 of 1958. This release of the original Heritage Black Bay was extremely well received and earned attention from the media and watch lovers alike. The Black Bay was awarded the “Revival Prize” at the 2013 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (often referred to as “The Oscars” of watchmaking).

Tudor WatchesDistilling 60 years of TUDOR’s history into one incredible watch, the Heritage Black Bay is infused with some of the most iconic elements from TUDOR’s early dive watches.


For Baselworld 2016, TUDOR announced some exciting updates to the Heritage Black Bay line including more aesthetic options and two new in-house movements! At the heart of the original Heritage Black Bay was the popular ETA 2824 movement. While this is a solid movement, it lacks the prestige of an in-house movement. Each Heritage Black Bay is now equipped with an in-house movement developed, manufactured and assembled by TUDOR.

In addition to the burgundy bezel, the Heritage Black Bay is now available in three versions, each with their own personality. With its burgundy bezel, rose gold hands and markers, and cream colored luminescent coating, the original TUDOR Heritage Black Bay has the soft, warm patina of an antique watch. Aptly named “Midnight Blue” by aficionados of the brand, the blue bezel displays sharp contrasts to give the look of a professional technical instrument. With its black bezel, the Heritage Black Bay in black best captures the pioneering spirit of the first TUDOR diving watches. A notable new decorative detail is the famous red triangle on the unidirectional bezel, taken from TUDOR models of the 1950s. All three of these versions feature a 41mm steel case equipped with TUDOR’s new MT5602 in-house movement with a 70-hour power reserve.

tudor-black-bayThe Heritage Black Bay Burgundy, Blue and Black are available in a variety of strap options or a bracelet.


A completely new look for this line is the Heritage Black Bay Dark. This timepiece also features TUDOR’s MT5602 movement but its 41mm steel case is finished with a black PVD-treated coating. Directly derived from the thin film technology originally developed by NASA for its space programs, physical vapor deposition (PVD) enables inorganic materials to be bonded with metals. The Heritage Black Bay Dark has an entirely satin finish, reminiscent of military utility equipment.

tudor-black-bay-darkThe Black Bay Dark

Not only has the Heritage Black Bay collection grown by selection, it has also grown in size with the larger 43mm case of the new Heritage Black Bay Bronze. Crafted from a high-performance aluminum bronze alloy, its case will evolve and slowly darken with wear to develop a subtle yet unique patina. TUDOR added aluminum to the traditional bronze alloy of copper and tin to ensure the patina is homogeneously developed over time. The brushed finishing on the case creates a visually rich and handsome golden hue. Completing its warm palette, the combination of a chocolate brown dial and bezel on the Heritage Black Bay Bronze give it a tactically industrial look. The Heritage Black Bay Bronze is also fitted with a slightly larger TUDOR in-house movement, the MT5601, with an impressive 70-hour power reserve.

Tudor Black Bay Bronze Wixon JewelersThe Black Bay Bronze

TUDOR’s rich diving history has been distilled into these timepieces, paying homage to TUDOR dive watches of yesteryear. The Heritage Black Bay, however, is clearly not a tribute to any one particular dive watch but rather the culmination of 60 years of excellence rolled into one iconic watch.


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From Inventions to Icons

jlc-inventions-to-iconsFor over 180 years, Jaeger LeCoultre has been creating visionary timepieces.

What is fine watchmaking if not the art of transforming small pieces of metal into mechanical marvels? While fairly prosaic, this definition is nonetheless revealing of the fact that the value of timepieces lies mostly in the many skills involved in their creation. That being said, Jaeger LeCoultre’s greatest treasure is immaterial. It is composed of the immense sum of technical knowledge, experience and skills shared by more than 1,000 people working within the manufacture.

Since 1833, watchmakers, artisans, engineers, technicians, artists, mechanics and other specialists at Jaeger LeCoultre have combined their talent, intelligence and creativity to create some of the finest and most complicated watches in the world. Each of their creations represents a concentrated blend of expertise and a powerful cultural symbol. Jaeger LeCoultre has fostered a heritage of invention, creativity and technical skill while continuing to push the envelope of horological prowess.


Their dedication to creativity was a major factor in the creation of the Reverso in 1931. While at a polo match at a British Officer’s club in India, Jacques David LeCoultre was challenged to create a watch that could withstand the rigors of the sport without the crystal breaking during play. Subsequently, he developed a rectangular case that could be flipped over to protect the crystal. Producing the simplest Reverso calls for 1,434 different operations. The case alone has 55 parts, making it the most complicated watch case available. If you have never seen one in action, this iconic Art Deco watch is a must see.
Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Lady in Yellow Gold


One of the most impressive and sought after complications in current production is the perpetual calendar. Jaeger LeCoultre took their passion for innovation and sought to create a movement that not only featured a perpetual calendar, but also fit in an extremely thin case. The result is the remarkably slender Master Ultra Thin Perpetual Calendar. This incredible timepiece allows the wearer to keep track of the time, day, date, week, month and year. Once set, the automatic watch will not need any adjustment until the year 2100. The perpetual calendar mechanism takes into account the length of each month and even accounts for leap years. Even with all the incredible features in this complicated movement, the Caliber 868 is thin enough to fit within a case that is just 9.22mm thick.



The Duomètre a Chronographe is a true work of art and it was made with watch lovers in mind. The partially skeletonized dial allows the wearer to truly enjoy the beauty of the inner workings viewable behind two separate power reserve indicators. Jaeger LeCoultre developed a Dual Wing system in which the movement separates the power going to the complications from the power that goes to indicating the time. What is most impressive and amusing to watch is the foudroyant function (also known as a split-second counter) at the six o’clock position on the dial. This function can count down time to 1/6th of a second, making a full revolution every second. The movement is completed in German Silver which allows the watch to take on a beautiful patina over time.
Duométre á Chronograph men's watch in Pink Gold by Jaeger LeCoultre
Overall, Jaeger LeCoultre is a brand that deserves far more recognition than they receive. It’s clear to see why Jaeger LeCoultre remains a favorite brand of watch enthusiasts. Whether you’re new to the world of haute horlogerie or an avid collector, Jaeger LeCoultre is the perfect mix of luxury and value.

Fostering the Future

Perpetuating their grand tradition, Jaeger LeCoultre promotes the passing on of knowledge. The manufacture also serves as a school, an academy of rare professions that is a breeding ground for fresh talents and a crucible of new innovations. Their training center and its many workshops welcome a number of apprentice watchmakers, as well as technicians seeking to hone their knowledge or to learn new special skills.

With an exceptional body of developmental resources, production facilities and expertise, Jaeger LeCoultre is able to give life to the wildest projects. They seek to rediscover all but extinct skills such as miniature enameling while implementing new technologies. Jaeger LeCoultre proudly builds on the past in shaping its future.


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Horological Artistry

starrynight2Jaeger LeCoultre has been delighting connoisseurs of fine watchmaking since its founding in 1833. The inventive spirit of the founder, Antoine LeCoultre, lives on through the talent and inspiration of the artisans at Jaeger LeCoultre whom create collections that are as surprising as they are sophisticated. A testament to this creative passion is the Master Grande Tradition à Répétition Minutes, which exemplifies the powerful ties cultivated by the manufacture’s rare and exceptional skills. This remarkable creation combines the genius of Van Gogh with the richness of the minute repeater function.

1349089-png-crop-full-highAGELESS ARTISTRY

The inherent appeal of the Master Grande Tradition à Répétition Minutes is magnificently enhanced by the presence of a miniature enamel painting on its dial paying an eloquent tribute to Van Gogh’s Starry Night Over the Rhône. Stroke by stroke, a master enamellist reproduced the heart of this iconic masterpiece and the magic of Van Gogh’s night sky in minute detail onto the dial. Each color is applied with painstaking detail and must be fired in a kiln and cooled before proceeding. After countless hours of meticulous work, the timeless intensity of the deep, dark colors is sealed by Grand Feu enamel. This time-honored decorative art captures the depth and allure of the full-scale painting on a miniature scale with intense hues. Since each dial is painted by hand, every single dial is unique. By slightly tilting the timepiece under any source of light, a range of color variations and unsuspected nuances are revealed.


Wielding brushes as thin as a needles, enamellists embody the artistry of an expert painter with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker.


The intricate dial and impressive movement are housed in a 39mm pink gold case. An optimal choice for case material, pink gold resonates acoustics better than any other metal. The case and bezel have been delicately worked to allow the beauty of the sound and the visual spectacle to develop to its fullest without disturbance. Endowed with major innovations including trebuchet hammers and crystal gongs, the minute repeater produces a pure, rich sound with great intensity. The steady, lingering notes are a delight to the ears. The model is suited for lovers of art and music, and presented in a limited series of 18 pieces. 


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